Always Be Promoting
Episode 32nd September 2022 • Blackletter • Thomas Dunlap
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Can breaking free from traditional business practices and consistently promoting your brand be the keys to founding a successful company?

On this episode of the Blackletter podcast, host Tom Dunlap concludes his three-part interview with Erik Olson of Array Digital, Array Law, and Rival Digital. After founding a company of his own, Erik gained a lot of insight through his experiences finding success in the business world. So in this podcast episode, he provides his three most significant pieces of advice that he would give to other entrepreneurs starting a new business. He explains his reasoning behind each piece of guidance, including the advice to make pivots according to your business needs, question everything, and always promote yourself and your brand.

Tune in to this episode to hear Erik speak about his advice and the lessons he learned in founding his companies. Also, catch up on the other segments of Erik’s interview and additional podcast episodes available on the Blackletter website!