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Tina Sue | Beyond Balance Sheets: The Key to Business Strength / The Exit Interview
Episode 518th July 2024 • Women Choosing Growth • Tina Sue
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Episode 51 – Beyond Balance Sheets: The Key to Business Strength 


Our very own host of Women Choosing Growth was a guest expert on The Exit. A podcast brought to you by Flippa, Because we love The Exit and because this episode was so powerful we wanted to share it with our own listeners as well.  In Beyond Balance Sheets Tina Sue shares her remarkable journey in entrepreneurship. Starting with a leap of faith and learning to "build the parachute on the way down," Tina now owns multiple businesses and serves as the Strategic Finance Director at Cultivate Advisors. She shares her evolution from mastering financial literacy to successfully exiting her business, highlighting crucial aspects of financial health beyond mere profit and loss statements. Tina emphasizes the importance of future projections and cash flow management for entrepreneurs.

Tina also discusses the significance of leadership development and strategic hiring in building a successful team. She advises entrepreneurs to prioritize the quality of hires over the urgency of filling positions. Reflecting on her entrepreneurial experiences, Tina would advise her younger self to focus on strategic spending and prioritize return on investment (ROI) analysis.

A significant portion of the episode focuses on the lessons Tina has learned about financial health. She explains that many entrepreneurs get caught up in the day-to-day financials, losing sight of long-term financial planning. Tina urges business owners to pay close attention to their cash flow and future financial projections, as these are critical for sustained success. Her insights into financial literacy demonstrate how a strong grasp of financial principles can lead to better decision-making and ultimately, a more profitable business.

What You Will Learn from the Show:

  • The evolution from financial literacy to successful business exits.
  • The importance of understanding financial health beyond profit and loss statements.
  • How to focus on future projections and cash flow management.
  • The significance of leadership development and strategic hiring.
  • Advice on strategic spending and prioritizing ROI analysis

         Notable Quotes:

  • "Jumping from a plane and building the parachute on the way down." - Tina Moser
  • "Understanding financial health goes beyond profit and loss statements; it's about future projections and cash flow management." - Tina Moser
  • "Prioritize the quality of new hires over the immediacy of filling positions." - Tina Moser
  • "Embrace strategic spending and always analyze the ROI." - Tina Moser



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