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Generative AI and data governance: A powerful combination for business success with Raluca Alexandru, Forrester
23rd May 2023 • The Data Download • Collibra
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Can data governance programs evolve to provide even greater value from our data? That's the question we tackle with our insightful guest, Raluca Alexandru, an analyst at Forrester. We talk about the key components of a data governance program, such as people, process, and technology, as well as the critical role that data catalogs and business glossaries play in mapping out data assets, structuring them in an easily digestible way, and connecting them to business goals and objectives. 

The episode also delves into the need to create connected intelligence by combining data governance with AI governance programs. We discuss the potential risks of generative AI and how existing data governance frameworks can help manage those risks while creating value. We also take a closer look at the ethical and legal implications of AI programs and why AI governance is essential in reducing bias and adhering to policies and regulations. Moreover, we explore the importance of setting measurable metrics to assess the success of data governance programs, and how an intelligent federated approach can maximize their value. Don't miss this thought-provoking conversation with Raluca Alexandru that covers the future of data governance and intelligence solutions!


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