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By the Sound - Ahoy Hoy! Media EPISODE 3, 20th December 2019
003: Meet Sarah Mayes

003: Meet Sarah Mayes

Sarah Mayes speaks of life, Love, and LEGO. She also tells us about Years and Years on HBO. Finally, we start the conversation about a subject as inevitable as annual rent-hikes in Seattle: Gentrification.

This episode was co-hosted by Chelsea Alvarez, Aisha Hauser, and Sarah Mayes. You can help them make more episodes by donating at https://www.patreon.com/bythesound



Years and Years (HBO)

“How Seattle can slow gentrification — and why it must,” by Glenn Nelson

“Seattle median household income soars — but wealth doesn’t reach everyone, census data shows,” by Gene Balk

Seattle’s wealth boom and disparity, as told through its public schools

Dragon Quest VIII

Psychology Today - Find a Therapist