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The Vitafoods Insights Podcast - Informa Markets 7th July 2021
Unlocking nutrition support through digital ecosystems for athletes
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Unlocking nutrition support through digital ecosystems for athletes

For athletes at the very top of the sport, nutrition plays a pivotal role in fuel, muscle health, inflammation, and recovery. While this might seem obvious, former professional athlete turned personalised nutrition specialist notes that a surprising portion of athletes do not prioritise or understand nutrition to its fullest potential. 

In a digitally driven world, athletes have the highest level of access to information about their bodies—and importantly their individual needs—than ever before. Sporting professionals, coaches, and athletic associations are leveraging technology to advance personalised insights with the goal of making intelligent nutritional recommendations that boost optimal performance. However, recent studies suggest athletes might not have sufficient access to the necessary information surrounding nutrition and how to apply it correctly. 

In this podcast, Timo Spring, former professional athlete now founder and CEO of Prevess, discusses the need to provide athletes with nutritionist counselling and the potential to enhance this service through digital ecosystems. Tune in to learn more about: 

  • How knowledge and support surrounding nutrition is positioned amongst athletes at the top of the sport 
  • Learnings from recent studies carried out in partnership with the German Olympic Association 
  • How baseline nutritional deficiencies translate to performance loss 
  • The opportunity to improve baseline nutrition through foods and beverages, enhancing through additional supplementation  

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