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How Linode Helped Anomaly Software to Scale
Episode 921st January 2022 • Craft of Code • Akamai Cloud Computing (formerly Linode)
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Sometimes scaling a company is about focusing just on core services and forging good partnerships to help with the rest.

That’s exactly what our friends over at Anomaly Software decided to do. After deciding they didn’t want to continue building infrastructure and providing hosting services for customers, they turned elsewhere for help – to Linode.  

Linode helps run all Anomaly products, taking the hassle of building and maintaining their own infrastructure away. This allows Anomaly to focus on projects that are important to them, leaving them free to scale.

Dev Mukherjee, CEO of Anomaly Software, joined season two, episode nine of the Craft of Code podcast, to talk more about the partnership, scaling a software company, and Anomaly’s passion projects.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How Anomaly Software started
  • Why Dev chose Linode as an infrastructure provider
  • The reasons Dev opted for open source
  • How Linode’s Green Light program helped Anomaly scale
  • How Anomaly Software’s Relay project for electric vehicles works
  • The benefits of transparent infrastructure pricing

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