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251 | The 5 Step Process You Need To Grow A Highly Profitable Service Based Business
Episode 8228th November 2019 • The Inner Changemaker Show • Jay Wong
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In this episode - we talk about making what it really takes to make six figures in less than 90 days! And it’s not even that much money. I think you will dig this! 

There’s a part of our business - our white glove agency that made $80K in the last 90 days. I didn’t do any big promos, I didn’t run ads, I didn’t create tons of content, I followed a simple process in which I will share with you in this episode. 

I do have a secret tool though. And it’s in the reach out.

As in how you start the relationship and how you start the conversation. 

If you are curious to see how I have been able to utilize said tools - please go to to dive deeper. 

Why does it matter? I bet you are a bit like me and realize, it’s a noisy world out there folks. 

The way you can stand out from the crowd is going to work wonders in your favor. 

Ok, let’s go through each level in the episode! 

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