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Innovation and collaboration - lifesaving in El Paso, Texas
Episode 7215th July 2021 • The Best Friends Podcast • Best Friends Animal Society
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The journey for El Paso, Texas, towards becoming a no-kill community is a familiar one - mostly.

In 2013, only one in five pets that entered the shelter made it out alive. A public outcry led elected officials to support a plan to reform the city's animal services department. The municipality brought new leadership on board, and the mandate was clear; get El Paso to a 90% save rate.

Changes were made, such as implementing new shelter policies and procedures, and a shift in the city's organizational chart was approved, putting the animal services department under the fire department.

But, wait, did you say fire department? Unconventional? Yes. But it will make complete sense when you hear why.

That dynamic problem-solving has been a massive key to El Paso's success. Thanks to visionary leadership and a pet-loving community that won't rest until every life is saved, El Paso is quickly becoming known as one of the country's most innovative animal shelters.