71. Investing in Non-Traditional Real Estate with Whitney Elkins-Hutten
15th March 2023 • The Tech Money Podcast • Malcolm Ethridge
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The promise and allure of passive income is undeniable. The idea of making money “while you sleep” has led to a proliferation of personalities and influencers telling us how to build income streams through dividends, real estate, online courses, e-books, and more. Unlike the day-to-day income most workers are accustomed to, passive income allows you to receive earnings, royalties, or sales in perpetuity, well after the initial investment. Passive income streams compliment one’s salary and provide stepping stones to creating a life with greater financial freedom.

Historically, real estate investing has represented one of the most popular income building strategies beyond stocks, bonds, or a primary residence. However, for many busy tech workers, the idea of becoming a landlord, dealing with broken pipes, and evicting tenants can quickly quell any ideas of building a real estate portfolio. In contrast, passively investing in car washes, multi-family properties, or public storage facilities are attractive opportunities that provide cash-flow and appreciation without the active management of traditional real estate. Beginning the transition from active investing to passive real estate investing begins with finding a trusted and experienced investment team.

In this episode, Malcolm Ethridge sits down with Whitney Elkins-Hutten, the Director of Investor Education at Passive Investing dot com, a national passive real estate investment firm based in the Carolinas with a portfolio valued at over 1.3 billion dollars and fueled by 2,000 investors. The pair discuss Whitney’s passion for helping busy professionals achieve financial freedom through passively investing in cash-flowing real estate in their local communities, as well as why she has a bit of a unique emphasis on self-storage units and car washes.

Whitney Elkins-Hutten Discusses:

  • How she accidentally found her passion for real estate investing
  • The difference between financial independence and financial freedom
  • The world of non-traditional real estate investing
  • How to find and vet real estate deals and fund managers to get a better sense of who will make a good partner

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About our Guest:

Whitney Is A Real Estate Maven Who, After Purchasing Her First Rental In 2002, And Hitting A Homerun, Then Nearly Losing It All On Her Second Deal, Took Control And Figured Out How To Invest In Real Estate The Right Way. She Realized That Success Must Leave Clues. So, She Studied And Replicated The Very Personal Finance And Wealth Creation Strategies The Wealthy Use To Create Financial Freedom. Today, Whitney Is A Partner In $700M+ Of Real Estate —Including Over 5000+ Residential Units (MF, MHP, SFR, And Assisted Living) And More Than 1400+ Self-Storage Units Across 7 States—And Experience Flipping Over $3.0M In Residential Real Estate.