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Kenny Coleman, Bourbon Pursuit: From Whiskey Podcast To National Bourbon Brand
Episode 319th May 2022 • Monetize Media • CBWG Media Group LLC
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Kenny Coleman from Bourbon Pursuit discusses the importance of picking and owning a niche, using a process when creating and marketing evergreen content, social media distribution strategies, becoming an authority in a niche, leveraging authority to create a product, and growing the business from a patreon support podcast to a national bourbon brand.

  • (2:00) How Bourbon Pursuit started and initially monetized itself   
  • (6:50) The importance of picking the right niche and owning it  
  • (11:55) Social media content strategies, distribution, format, and automation 
  • (23:00) How Bourbon Pursuit schedules their recordings and the importance of evergreen content  
  • (28:00) How Kenny Coleman built an audience and became an authority in the bourbon space  
  • (33:18) Financial sustainability of Bourbon Pursuit 
  • (38:30) The business ambition driving Bourbon Pursuit and the use of dynamic ads in Bourbon Pursuit episodes  
  • (42:50) The long term vision of Bourbon Pursuit and how the podcast is a marketing vehicle for scaling a product.  
  • (46:46) Leveraging a brand to create a product 
  • (51:35) Navigating the rules and regulations while dealing with a of a regulated product 
  • (56:20) Resources and tools that Kenny uses and values   
  • (1:00:00) Advice for content creators   

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