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Write Emails Like A Boss - Even If You Think You're A Crap Writer
Episode 4930th September 2020 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Wish you could write emails like a boss but you're worried you're not the world's best or most interesting writer?

Did your grumpy English teacher used to give you a hard time because you just couldn’t get the hang of ‘they’re, their and there’?  

So many people put off email marketing because they think their writing isn’t good enough. 

But do you wanna know a secret?

Being a poor writer doesn’t mean you can't totally boss your email marketing.

In fact, it could actually help make it more successful. 


We’re glad you asked….we're on the case in this week's episode of the show.

Give your ears a good time with this ep of the show!

Write Emails Like A Boss - Even If You Think You're A Crap Writer

Episode Content

  • (02:15) Not good at something? You can do one of two things...
  • (03:45) Why being bad can actually be good.
  • (04:37) AVOID doing this… 
  • (05:21) The best types of emails we send probably aren’t what you’d expect.
  • (06:32) A new bit of AI is almost upon us. It’s a bit freaky to be honest! 
  • (07:59) Two AWESOME tips to remember when writing your emails. 
  • (09:27) GrAmMaR & SpeLlInG - What to do when yours sucks.
  • (11:00) “We are very much looking forward to seeing you”….says the one-man band.
  • (12:44) This next tip may sound like a p*** take…but we can assure you, it’s not.
  • (12:20) Rules were made to be broken….but how can you use this to your advantage? 
  • (14:44) it’s actually more powerful to write in your own tone 
  • (16:09) What are you gonna learn with this week’s SLOTW? 

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