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Trailer: The Conversion Show - A Podcast All About Maximizing Your Marketing Conversions
Trailer2nd August 2023 • The Conversion Show • Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno
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Hosted by Erik Christiansen, CEO & Co-Founder of Justuno, The Conversion Show is a weekly podcast all about - you guessed it - conversion! Everything that gets you to your goal, whether that’s purchase, install, lead capture, content downloads, chat engagement, or demo requests - we’re talking CONVERSIONS.

Each week, Erik interviews top Marketing Leaders and Founders who are doing conversion right. From website optimization aka conversion rate optimization (#cro - the holy grail in our opinion!) back to paid media, organic, email, and omnichannel optimization - we cover it all!

If you are a Modern Marketer, Growth/ Ecommerce Leader, or Owner struggling to get your online revenue up - or are simply looking for a boost or new ideas, this is the podcast for you. Be sure to follow The Conversion Show podcast to be notified when a new episode goes live.

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