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How to Create a Customer Experience & Turn Your Clients into Raving Fans
Episode 5910th May 2023 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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When thinking about successful brands, which one comes to your mind? Have you ever wondered what makes that brand so successful? Let's look at the tech market, for example; wouldn't you agree that Apple is an ultra-successful brand? So do you want to know their secret?

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Kylie shares how she experienced firsthand what it's like to walk into Apple's customer support office. She also provides strategies you can use to create an Apple-like experience for your customers to turn them into raving fans and create lasting relationships. 

Apple's customer experience strategy is exceptional, but you can learn how to develop your own brand of customer experience. So go ahead and listen.

“I believe that customer service and customer experience is the key to business success whether you're a real estate business or not.” 

- Kylie Walker

In This Episode:

- Defining the difference between customer service and customer experience

- What do statistics say about the success of new businesses in Australia?

- Discover the secret to Apple's compelling customer experience strategy

- Specific strategies you can use to deliver an exceptional customer experience to your clients

And more!!!


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