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Using Storytelling, Unsuccessful Exit, and Adaptive Marketing to Grow your Marketplace with Murali Satagopan | Podcast #16
Episode 1616th June 2020 • SaaS District • Akeel Jabber | Horizen Capital
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Murali Satagopan is a strong marketer and storyteller who loves communication and solving problems in the web space. He founded a company, got funded, grew it big and then had an unsuccessful exit where he left with no money and lots of experience. He used that experience at Freshdesk to help grow their marketplace. Product GTM, Content Marketing, telling great stories and crafting creative marketing campaigns are some of his many strengths. He is currently Head of ISV Partnerships and Partner Marketing at Freshworks Marketplace where he handles marketing for the Freshworks Marketplace - one of the hottest horizontals at Freshworks. 

Murali is also a standup comedian with a strong theatre background. He was invited to the Short+Sweet Festival in Sydney where he performed. 

During this interview we cover: 

The importance of leveraging strategic partnerships and integrations to grow your startup 

How an “unsuccessful exit” was the foundational experience for a successful 

Marketplace Working beyond the scope for personal and professional growth 

The do’s and dont's when building a product. 

Trying again to start a business VS joining a company 

Why to use Freshworks as a leveraging channel for growth 

COVID-19  customer trends and unique approaches to problem solving 

How can a SaaS founder or marketer validate whether a partner program will be worthwhile for their SaaS? 

The 2 best practices to build better products 

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