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Episode 4 - Choosing Energy
Episode 47th June 2021 • Choosing Happy • Heather Masters
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In episode 4, I explore all things energy. From 'What is energy?' 'How to manage your own energy, to 'Is energy, and specifically happiness, contagious?'

I touch on how understanding and managing energy can have a positive impact on your work and business and finish with three exercises you can do to test your energy.

Key Takeaways

  • A brief overview of the definition of energy
  • Why energy matters
  • Managing Your energy on a daily basis
  • Contagious energy and how contagious is happiness?
  • Three energy exercises for you to try


Books referenced:

Mind To Matter - by Dawson Church

Power vs Force - David R Hawkins

What you can do now

Take time out to try the exercises and let me know what you find.

Here is the link to the Tony Robbins Priming video -

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Episode 5

In the next Episode I continue to explore all things energy, with an interview with Mayella Maxwell, who is and energy healer and intuitive which has studied energy for many years. We discuss consciousness and the changes currently effecting the planet. And we take a look at energy healing and the different types of energy healing available.