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How to Get Interview Feedback
Episode 1823rd August 2021 • Love Your Work Life with Elissa Shuck • ES-STRATEGIC, LLC
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One of the most frustrating aspects of the job search is getting ghosted after an interview. It can seem like the hiring manager simply doesn't care, but there are many other factors at play. In this case, we have to focus on what we can do and control as job seekers.

"You were not chosen for that role. Why do you want the opinion of someone who didn't pick you? You're grasping for a reason, it's totally normal. Our brains love harmony, but more time's than not, you're going to feel worse or confused. You can still satisfy your brains need for an answer though!" - Elissa Shuck, LYWL EP.18

In this episode, you'll discover where almost every job-seeker goes wrong when it comes to feedback. I cover the concept of outside validation, the exact questions to ask post-interview, and facing reality versus personal perspective.

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