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Standing On Christ
Episode 112th January 2020 • Pierre's Podcast • Pierre Dushon Mayo
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The purpose of a match is to light a fire. The purpose of a light bulb is to give light. The purpose of a believer is to worship the living God and to shine His lights in a darkened world because He put us here to brighten it up. To be a LIGHT. Reflecting on the outside of us WHO is in the inside of us. Because not only are we to be sharing the light of Christ; We are to be walking in the light ourselves.

Our life is a light. And through our conduct , conversations and character, is how our LIGHT shines to the world to see.

How is your light shining? Are you shining your light in your community as a believer? Is there enough evidence for those who know you, to be unquestionably described as a committed follower of Jesus Christ? Or are you hiding your light, and trying to blend in with the world? A person's whose heart is bent towards God, is bent away towards darkness and towards the light.

Today we will look at what we should be doing as followers of Christ.