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Bridging Generational Communication Gaps With Raven Solomon
Episode 366th February 2024 • Communicate Like You Give A Damn • Kim Clark
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Raven Solomon, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) thought leader and keynote speaker, joins Kim Clark on Communicate Like You Give A Damn to delve into the crucial role of authentic communication within the realm of DEI. She passionately discusses the necessity for communicators to grasp DEI foundational principles of DEI and seamlessly incorporate them into all facets of organizational communication. Raven introduces the concept of "lead language" tailored to different generations, emphasizing the communicators' role in bridging generational gaps. Throughout this episode, she underscores the importance of authenticity, transparency, and honesty in communication. Drawing from the preferences of Gen Z, Raven emphasizes the significance of organizations being truthful about their DEI efforts, even if they are in the early stages, as long as a clear roadmap for progress is articulated. The conversation also unravels the interconnected nature of DEI with all aspects of an organization, urging communicators to ensure accessibility and inclusivity in their messages. Tune in for a compelling discussion that underscores the need for a genuine and integrated approach to DEI communication.

About The Guest:

Raven Solomon, a globally recognized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion thought leader and keynote speaker, is on a mission to address racial inequity by dismantling generational and racial barriers in workplaces. As the author of "Leading Your Parents: 25 Rules to Effective Multigenerational Leadership for Millennials and Gen Z," she imparts leadership principles and practical advice for the evolving workplace. Raven is the founder of the Center for Next Generation Leadership and Professional Development, a Charlotte-based startup focusing on providing soft-skill development. A consultant with Franklin Covey in unconscious bias, she is also the host of The Generational View Podcast. Raven's impactful work has influenced tens of thousands globally, creating sustainable cultural change within industry-leading companies and advising renowned brands on generational diversity, inclusion, and talent development. With a track record as valedictorian and one of the youngest-ever Fortune 50 executives, Raven's leadership approach consistently delivers results.

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About Kim:

Kim Clark (she/her) focuses her work on the communicator and content creator's role in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). She is the co-author of The Conscious Communicator: The fine art of not saying stupid sh*t, an Amazon #1 bestseller and the leading voice for DEI communications and social justice messaging for brands.

She speaks at conferences, writes custom workshops, writes inclusive communications guides, and consults with companies on all things related to diversity, equity, and inclusion communications. Kim is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, a cisgender woman, Native American (Muscogee Nation) and a mom of two kids with disabilities. These marginalized identities and the privileges that come with society seeing her as White motivate her daily for social change.

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