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From Opera to Classroom- Coaching Series-Session #1
Episode 536th June 2024 • Mindful Mutiny • Jeremy Van Wert
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eremy's Coaching series demonstrates the approach he's developed over an extremely dynamic career from musician, to federal employee, to therapist, to CEO, Jeremy has existed in several different spaces and knows how to help people thrive. His approach is positive, supportive, and empowering. Watch Jeremy provide feedback and encouragement to real people going through real life issues!

Join me in this first session of the Mindful Mutiny Coaching Series as we dive into Scott Six's remarkable career transitions and struggles. From being a professional opera singer to a pharmaceutical associate director and finally finding his true passion in teaching middle school music. Scott shares his journey of overcoming layoffs, financial stress, and imposter syndrome. In this episode, I offer valuable guidance and insights on managing these challenges and aligning career choices with one's true values.

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