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Hot Flashes, Cold Plunges & Pushing the Limits in Perimenopause with George Gilbert (Episode 85)
Episode 858th June 2022 • Hit Play Not Pause • Hit Play Not Pause
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Breaking a sweat is generally a good thing–a sign of healthy exertion–unless you’re working out in temperatures more suited to penguins than people. In those conditions, it can quickly lead to hypothermia, frostbite…or worse. So how does a perimenopausal woman (hello, hot flashes) make a 1,130 kilometer trek across Antarctica while pulling a 175-pound sled? That’s exactly what this week’s guest George Gilbert, co-founder and team leader of the Antarctic Fire Angels, a team of 5 female firefighters who are on a mission to ski to the south pole to raise money for charity and to show women that they are limitless, is in the process of finding out. We talk all about how she handled her first hot flash, persistent low moods, erratic periods, and other perimenopausal issues, as well as her adventures in underwater hockey, mountaineering, firefighting, and more.

George has been a firefighter for over 22 years and currently serves with South Wales Fire and Rescue service. She is an ambassador for gender equality and has an ambition to see more women striving to do whatever job they want to do in life; always ensuring she is visible as a role model for girls, young women, and women who are experiencing peri menopause and menopause who may be considering a career that doesn’t fit society’s gender stereotypes. You can learn more about her and follow and support the Antarctic Fire Angels mission at Follow them here on Instagram to see photos of their training, including cold plunges and more. 

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