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Sustainable Success: Marci Zaroff on Building Multiple Eco Friendly Businesses
Episode 49113th April 2023 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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Is the mission behind what you are doing in your business clear? Is it clear to your team, and your clients or customers? Tune in to today’s episode with Marci Zaroff to hear her passion and how she runs multiple successful businesses with the foundation of sustainability!

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This is such a fun, full circle moment! Ten years ago I went through the Institute for Integrated Nutrition, which today’s guest happened to co-found! Marci Zaroff has founded, and co-founded over 10 companies from fashion brands to food products, all with the focus of sustainability! There is so much we can learn from her when it comes to having a huge mission that drives you to make an impact on the world. She is a true ECO lifestyle pioneer trademarking the word ECOfashion back in 1995, and has multiple thriving brands today! Tune in to hear her tips from hiring the right people for your team, to working with your spouse, and how to adapt to different ways of marketing.

03:30 What led you to being in business?

09:20 How have you stayed true to mission from the beginning in every business you’ve had?

16:15 Are you numb to the fact that your health isn’t doing well?

18:40 How do you hire people that are aligned with your vision and mission?

25:30 How do you know if you have a good product idea or not?

27:40 What has been the biggest challenge of working with large retailers?

32:15 How do you approach people you partner with to create a win-win?

34:15 One tip for couples thinking about being in business together.

38:00 How do you adapt to different ways of marketing?

43:15 What would you say to people who haven’t found their passion yet?