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Time Studies
Episode 5120th April 2024 • Human Factors Minute • Human Factors Cast
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...and now for another Human Factors Minute! A time study is a structured process of directly observing and measuring human work using a timing device to establish the time required for completion of the work by a qualified worker when working at a defined level of performance. Typically, time studies determine the time required for a worker to complete each task. by breaking the work into small, easily-measurable components or elements, measurement of those components and, synthesizing data from those measured components to arrive at an overall time for the complete job. Time studies are often used to analyze cyclical jobs, or jobs that are conducted repeatedly by the operator. Many times, these types of tasks are considered "event based" studies because time measurements are triggered by the occurrence of predetermined events. This has been another Human Factors Minute! Be sure to check out our main show at our official website: Support us on these platforms to get access to the entire Human Factors Minute library: Patreon: Buy us a coffee: Join us on Discord: Follow us: Human Factors Cast Merchandise Store: Follow us on Twitch: Follow us on YouTube: Follow us on LinkedIn: Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Facebook: Resources: Music by Kevin McLeod:

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