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Learning to be Your Authentic Self as a Black Woman Entrepreneur
Episode 825th May 2022 • In Our Words • University Of Wisconsin Extension
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Brandi Iberia, owner and CEO of Luminocity Media Group in Milwaukee, and Tasha Greenleaf, proprietor of Urban Cultural Arts in the Green Bay area, are both guests of Rajon’s in this episode. Today’s episode taps into black girl magic and how the arts influenced them to move into business and growth.

Brandi and Tasha bring their voices to the forefront of their business ventures as black business women and being authentic in their work and being themselves at all times. 


08:20 Be open to your initial plan. You need to make the plan, but be open to how it morphs and changes and evolves.

10:33  I have my own accounting firm first. And while I was doing that, I was still working full time, I still work full time now as an accountant for a manufacturing business. So I still got all these hats that I'm wearing. But it didn't start in art, it started at the law firm at the accounting firm for me, and just being open to where life took me, it just flowed in different directions.

14:35 One thing that people say is that they see my passion, and they only get there when I'm comfortable being myself. 

15:38 So you got to show up as your authentic self, stop with the imposter syndrome. We keep trying to show up like everybody else, because we think oh, he sounds fly when he says this, but she sounds cute when she says that. But at some point, the mask gotta come off. So you're gonna be better off just being you.

22:10 That's probably one of the things that I would say, it's possible. Whatever that thing is that they want to do, it is absolutely possible. But then I will probably kind of go deeper and tell them not to despise the process. 


Rajon Hall, MSW - Podcast Host and Real Estate Agent 

Instagram: @BigDreamsRealty

Brandi Iberia Owner and CEO of Luminocity Media Group LLC, (Milwaukee). Formed in 2011, Brandi’s company focuses on the areas of marketing and promotions, social media development and management, public relations, event planning, artist development, and entertainment resources. Additionally, Iberia is well-known for Saved and the City Christian Network, faith based media conglomerate focused on kingdom solutions for real world issues as well as her new podcast, marketing with Black Girl Magic!


Facebook: @LuminocityMediaGroup

Tasha Greenleaf, Owner of Urban Cultural Arts  / Art & Event Center (Green Bay) which was established in 2019 as a Paint & Sip. However, as of October 2021 was restructured as an Art and Event Center. The Center is focused on bringing all forms of art created to the community. The Center now provides a space for painting, dancing, poetry, music, comedy and different culturally focused events which will allow the community to learn what art looks like in other parts of the world.


Facebook: Urban Cultural Arts/Art and Event Center