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Glow-Worthy Living: Unlocking the Divine Feminine with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Healing with Katie Silcox
6th October 2023 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Today, we venture into sacred territories where ancient wisdom meets modern science, a Place where we will illuminate the mysterious and empowering facets of the divine feminine. Our guest is Katie Silcox.

Katie is a modern-day sage, a best-selling author, a pioneer in Ayurvedic Medicine, and an explorer of the soul.

From artificial intelligence research to being a beach bar owner on the coast of Spain, to holding a Masters Degree in Ayurvedic Medicine, Katie has had a diverse life, to say the least. And all these experiences have transformed her and informed her path as a heart-centered leader and healer.

She is the founder of the Shakti School, a premier online certification school for women-centered holistic wellness and a place that serves as a sanctuary and transformative realm where women rediscover and reclaim their innate power.

Her new book, 'Glow-Worthy,' is a beacon for those who seek to navigate the complexity of trauma-informed spirituality.

So if you have ever wondered how to balance your bodily systems with ancient wisdom, or how to harmonize your soul amidst all the noise of the modern world, or even how to transcend the limitations that culture and society have perhaps placed upon you, then sit back and absorb the wisdom and the light that is Katie Silcox.

In this episode with Katie, you'll discover:

-Unique life experiences shape Katie's worldview and passion for Ayurveda...03:20

-The inspiration behind naming her school Shakti, and embracing the Divine Feminine...10:45

-Managing anxiety, and the practice of being present in the present...15:30

-Katie reveals the healing mantra she uses to face her pains...23:55

-How Katie helps others overcome fears of unknown medicines, treatments, etc...26:55

-How the war within projects itself into our relationships, our work and our environment, ...31:20

-How a "heart-centered" spirituality differs from other forms of spirituality...36:50

-How we can identify and reap the blessings of "holy ground"...42:15

-How we reclaim the power that is lying dormant within...48:10

-And much more...

Resources mentioned:

Katie’s website

Shakti School

Glow-Worthy by Katie Silcox

Katie’s podcast Spirit Sessions

Katie's social handles:



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