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The Power of Automation for Harvesting Cannabis (feat. Twister) | Cultivate Ep. 10
Episode 104th September 2018 • Cultivate • Boveda Inc.
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Hosted by: Boveda’s Drew Emmer and Scott Swail

How are large scale growers ramping up for legal rec in Canada? Cannabis cultivators are using trimming technology to increase efficiency. How can small scale growers also automate trimming? And what’s the ideal moisture level to trim cannabis?

Learn about the world’s fastest bud trimming machines in this Cultivate episode with Matthew (Matty) Christopherson, VP of Business Development & Partner for Twister TrimmerTM. Recorded at the 2018 Lift & Co. Cannabis Expo in Toronto.

Skip around this bud trimming made easy interview:

- What’s a Twister Trimmer? (0:40) - What’s “cannabis harvesting equipment”? (1:36) - Introducing T-ZERO, the new machine that can trim 100 lbs of cannabis per hour (3:06)

- What’s the role of moisture content in trimming cannabis? (3:48)

- How can cannabis companies increase profits after harvest? (6:43) - How working directly with growers on drying and curing to the perfect moisture content for trimming has created amazing reviews (13:25) - How will the cannabis industry evolve over the next 5 years? (15:54)

- Where in the world are cultivators using automated cannabis trimming equipment? (17:36) - Why price pressure will encourage cannabis companies to embrace automation (18:07)

- How many pounds of bud can a seasoned hand trimmer trim in one day? (19:10)

- Why retrain hand trimmers into cannabis company brand ambassadors (20:05)

- How to find a mentor in the cannabis industry (21:30)


Prep your yield for perfect trimming, cure your harvest with Boveda 2-way humidity control for cannabis. Boveda 58% RH level helps cannabis achieve and maintain an 11% moisture content, which is perfect for a dry trimming in the Twister Trimmer. Store your buds with Boveda, too. Boveda is the maintenance-free way to cure and store for flower. And Boveda is food safe and contains food-grade natural salts and pure water.

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