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Astrology, Psychology, the Moon and the Mother with Reina James Reinstein
Episode 6331st July 2023 • Love This Food Thing • Jemma Richards
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“The human condition seems to bob along pretty well in the same place…. Trust is such an issue… I’ve seen very young babies who are already cut off, who’ve already decided that it ain’t going to happen so I might as well cope myself.

That coping stance can become belligerent but it can also simply be a desperate sense of being absolutely adrift, cut off from your spaceship and just out there and then how you come back from that into safety and trust.”

Reina has been a practising astrologer for over 30 years and likes to focus on the client’s early life to explore later patterns in relationships, career choices and wellbeing. There’s always time to explore future events and choices too.

She is also a musician and award winning novelist. 

I have known Reina for well over two decades. Her wisdom and insight opened up my heart and helped me back onto my feet. She is an integral part of the village that raised me from a twenty-something mess into a happy and healthy human being by illuminating that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. 

This is a very personal podcast episode for me. Reina lobbed a couple of curveball questions my way too (you shoulda seen my face!). 

Everyone needs a Reina. I hope you enjoy the final episode of Season 6! 


  • [10:00] - Understanding the basics of astrology 
  • [15:00] - Early years and mothering
  • [23:40] - Psychology and planets
  • [28:40] - Mother and the Moon



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