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Chapter 131. Smoking a spliff round at Vlads place.
Episode 1317th November 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Recording The Corona Diaries on the road is a little challenging to say the least. You are always at the mercy of the local wi-fi connection, the rooms are often a bit lively (from an audio perspective, obvs...) and I am constantly a bit tight on time.

There is however one definite up side, and that is the fact that a ton of interesting, funny and genuinely lovely people are also in close proximity.

Which means for the third episode on the spin I have managed to cajole another one back to my room with the promise of a Walnut Whip. And before he had time to protest, a microphone was set-up in front of him, a sock was strategically arranged and the red light went on.



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