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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 148, 10th July 2020
Back to the YMCA, I’m Going Home and Momma Won’t Let You Go with Bruce Hilliard
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Back to the YMCA, I’m Going Home and Momma Won’t Let You Go with Bruce Hilliard

Hello and welcome to episode 148. I’m feeling real good and feeling like things are returning to something that resembles normal. Because yesterday and today I went to the YMCA to work out.

Atrophy is cousins with quarantine. I made a concerted effort to workout for the four months the gym was closed. But it’s just not the same. During the lockdown I was able to run and use my dumbbells. Abs, pushups...all good. But I couldn’t find anything to chin myself on. The local playground had caution tape all over the jungle gym so I avoided getting arrested for illegal chinning. You tune into the 5:00 news to hear: The COVID pandemic was created by Stephen King, the statue of Rocky Balboa gets knocked out and a Mukilteo man was found dangling from local grade school monkey bars despite yellow tape warnings.

Consequently, where I used to be able to do fifteen pull-ups, today I did three and a half.

It has been a productive time for writing, recording and listening to everyone else doing the same. In addition to the five song EP and the “Like a Rolling Stone” cover I released in the past month and a half, I added two more songs. Both have been played on prior episodes but they have since been remixed and shined up to sound like the big guns.

First on the turntable is a song I wrote during month two of quarantine. Since we were instructed to stay home, wear a mask and don’t attend public gatherings unless it's in the Machiavellian interest of a politician needing votes no matter the cost of life, I wrote this tune about getting in your car with a full tank of gas, and taking a drive. “Looking for my freedom on a two buck radio.” With plenty of 12-string jangle, here’s “I’m going home.”