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WIS Morning Show: The role of leadership in change
14th April 2021 • Safeopedia Podcasts • Safeopedia Podcast
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Join us for another WIS discussion with our guest Sonia Funk from the Whole Avocado. We dive into a great discussion about leadership and how it is key to change! If the leaders of an organization don’t recognize and value the diversity and difference, the safety of women at work will not improve. It’s time to embrace our differences, sensitively. Joined again by Donna Cleaton, Sylvia Marusyk, Louise Hosking, Louisa A. (Nolte) Nara and Lorenzo Visentin.

Our Hosts:

Donna Cleaton Group EHS Manager at Arriva Group

Lorenzo Visentin Group Head of Environment, Health, Safety & Security at Arriva Group

Sylvia Marusyk Founder of MindBody Works

Louise Hosking Owner of Hosking Associates

Louisa A. (Nolte) Nara at AIChE

This series of five podcasts will raise the awareness of diversity at work and how this impacts the safety of women in the workplace by focusing on:

Our Guest:

Sonia Funk, RNT, the Whole Avocado, Employee Wellness Analyst and Strategist

Sonia Funk is an employee wellness analyst & strategist, corporate speaker and nutritional therapist with international experience in the wellness industry: New York, Ottawa, London, The Middle East and Winnipeg. Her super powers include outrageous common sense, keen observation and a willingness to ask hard questions - which allow for easier answers. Sonia is known as a bit of a ‘paradigm flipper’ and has been nicknamed 'master of the obvious’ on several occasions. She is in the media regularly, largely due to her unique collaborative healthcare events and she has a sweet partnership with the local Winkler-Morden Co-op, promoting local growers, producers and community wellness initiatives. In her former life Sonia was an award winning singer/songwriter and recording artist.

Sonia is an insightful and funny professional and her work is heart centred. She is one of those consultants that is truly willing to jump into the muck of it all and help people, and companies, sort it out.