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Define U Radio - Valencia Griffin-Wallace 10th February 2021
After Dark 16: Accepting, Changing and Compromising In Relationships
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After Dark 16: Accepting, Changing and Compromising In Relationships

In getting the love you want; how much are you willing to compromise?

In this episode, the queens discuss everything from salacious women to relationships that change over time. Relationships right now are different.  Between pandemic babies and you are not the one during this pandemic, relationships are changing some for better and others for worse.

Can men and women be friends if they are in relationships with others?

The queens discuss their feeling on males and females being friends.  Shannon is open to her significant other having female friends.  Lyvonne is okay if she likes the woman and Valencia is hands down no indeed.  What are your thoughts?

How would you handle your child’s relationship if something was going on you didn’t like? Yeah, we go there too!

If you want to join a conversation around friends, boundaries and more in love, this is your show! Join the conversation

Key Topics and Things Mentioned:

  • Controlling or Crazy In Love
  • Being Involved in Your Child's Relationships
  • Should You Compromise or Change
  • Pandemic Relationship Transitions and More!

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