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Wisdom For Kids and CEOs, with Angel Ribo, Ep. 53
Episode 533rd August 2021 • Yes, I Work From Home • April K Malone
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Angel Ribo, of Plano, Texas, has spent the last 21 years helping over 1500 CEOs all around the world accelerate the growth of their businesses. He was born near Barcelona, Spain, but has now lived in 8 countries and speaks 5 languages. In this episode, Angel shares about a pivotal summer when he was in 9th grade and made a very intentional choice to make the most of a summer program where he was able to fully immerse himself in an English-speaking environment. This helped Angel catapult himself down a path of language learning which has allowed him to work with multinational corporations, travel, and live abroad before and after he started a family.

More recently, Angel has moved from working long hours in a corporate setting and has established himself in a home office; and his lifestyle changes have freed him up to spend a lot more time with his family as well as start and grow an international foundation called Wisdom for Kids. With this non-profit, he works together with CEOs and other leaders to help inspire and motivate underprivileged kids in Latin America so that they can become entrepreneurs using their local resources. Angel obviously has a heart for children and recognizes that they are our future and are worth investing in.

Professionally, Angel is the CEO and founder of Divine Human Ventures and works with established entrepreneurs and corporate CEOs, who hire Angel to bridge the gap globally for expansion and exposure to grow their businesses. Angel is known as The CEO Confidant; and his current roles include being a business influencer, LinkedIn strategist, international TV Host, public speaker, CEO consultant, and philanthropist. He also sits on the Board of the Evolutionary Business Council.

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