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Jonathan Reynolds | A More Mindful Approach to Leadership
Episode 9128th July 2022 • The Ben Morton Leadership Podcast • Ben Morton
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Jonathan Reynolds is the founder and CEO of Mindful Life, Mindful Work. It’s a US-based leadership development company providing services that address the intersection of self-awareness and team performance.

Since 1997, Jonathan has trained extensively in the discipline of mindfulness, and his work with leaders and teams emphasizes simple and practical ways to improve performance, efficiency, and workplace cultures by integrating mindfulness sensibilities.

What I personally love about his approach is that whilst they can teach mindfulness and meditation in the corporate marketplace, this tends not to be what they actually do. When you listen to this episode, you’ll know exactly what I mean by this. Jonathan shares a brilliantly simple approach for starting meetings more intentionally and effectively, without it taking up extra time – or being weird in any way!

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‘Atomic Habits’ by James Clear:

‘The Meaning Revolution’ by Fred Kofman:

‘Crime and Punishment’ by Fyodor Dostoyevsky: 

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Mindful Life, Mindful Work:



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