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Michael Bunce: The landscape and weather of learning
Episode 315th February 2024 • Coconut Thinking • Benjamin Freud, Ph.D.
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How might learning be flow between structure and emergence? How might we measure impact quantitatively and qualitatively?

In this episode, I speak with Michael Bunce. Michael is an educator, researcher, and interdisciplinary sound artist, with wide-ranging international experience across education and the arts. As an educational researcher, he specialises in interdisciplinary learning design and innovation, working in leadership, teaching, research, and consultancy roles in schools, arts and community organisations, regulatory and advisory bodies, and universities.

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This isn't a light conversation, yet Michael's work provides valuable insights into pedagogy and the cyclical and dynamic nature of learning, going from structured, to semi-structured, to emergent, to embedded forms of learning. Michael challenges us to reconsider how we might conceptualize learning. We discuss:

🥥 Emergent learning as an unpredictable process that arises when learners have agency and are the source of knowledge creation;

🥥 How content, capacity, and context find different value depending on the learning experience we have and need;

🥥 How we can tell different narratives of learning that include stories of impact.

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