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105. Lifestyle Habits to Support Hormonal Health + Fertility with Kiara Orbe
Episode 1058th November 2021 • Healing Hormones • Nina Boyce
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Kiara Orbe is a functional fertility nutritionist and the founder of Kiara Marie Wellness. She’s all about working with women to build sustainable lifestyle routines and nutritional habits that support a healthy hormonal balance. She went from being a victim to her health to making a powerful ally of her body by taking her wellbeing into her own hands, and now she helps other women do the same. We talk about the lifestyle habits that affect our health and fertility, how to release stress and connect deeper with ourselves, how to handle trauma, and much more. 

We Chat About:

  • Finding tools to manage stress
  • Learning to be intentional about what you eat
  • Giving ourselves grace
  • Understanding your attachment styles
  • Trusting the seasons of your life

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