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Trump Derangement Syndrome and the Oscars
Episode 718th March 2024 • Yanks & Krauts • Austin Bah & Marcus Schuler
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The Yank would rather talk about the Oscars than politics. The Kraut is still trying to make sense of United States politics. Derangement Syndrome sets in, but for a pleasant and sometimes meaningful distraction from the craziness of American politics, there are must see films, some even recognized, or nominated and snubbed, by the Oscars.

Hear Austin's (the Yank's) Oscar Principles: One, the Oscars is, above all, a television show. Two, the films on the Oscar list are mostly worth seeing. Three, the Academy votes are not scientifically conducted, and therefore are not definitive. And four, the Oscars is not the vehicle for finding or promoting all films of consequence.

Jump in for some panic, and movie talk.