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Follow your gut! Can fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) be used to treat, or even cure, eczema?
Episode 1313th August 2021 • Eczema Breakthroughs • Global Parents for Eczema Research (GPER)
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In this episode we explore the promise of an emerging therapy for inflammatory conditions like eczema: transplanting the fecal matter of a healthy person into the gut of a person with eczema. It sounds far-fetched (and even a little off-putting!) but this therapy has actually been around for 2000 years and was first used in ancient China to treat infections. More recently, FMT has been shown to cure difficult-to-treat intestinal infection and is emerging as a promising approach for a range of immune system related conditions (including eczema). Our guest is Dr. Siew Ng, a fecal microbiota transplant researcher with the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Tune in to the dialogue to learn more! (If you like our podcast consider supporting it with a tax deductible donation.)

Research mentioned in this episode:

Gut microbiota restoration through fecal microbiota transplantation: a new atopic dermatitis therapy