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The Corona Diaries - Steve Hogarth EPISODE 37, 11th January 2021
Chapter 37. Nostra-Hogarth (Part 1)
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Chapter 37. Nostra-Hogarth (Part 1)

I need to start the New Year by giving a shout-out to Pete Whitcher.

Now Pete lives in Christchurch, Dorset (UK) and back on the 16th November he posted in the Guest Book over at stevehogath.com and this is what he had to say...

Entry No. 1316: Good evening to you, Mr H,

Following the latest TCD podcast (#30) and listening to your Nostra-Hogarth predictions how’s about another episode with your predictions for the next 20 years? Thank you, I’ll wait...

Well Ant spotted this and the rest, as the saying goes, is history.

We were hoping to get it all into one episode, but there was a good deal of meandering (who would have imagined that were possible) and so buckle up for the first of a double-header.

Keep it purple, peeps.


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