Behind the scenes of my Courageous Content Live Event 2022
Episode 20429th October 2022 • The Courageous CEO • Janet Murray
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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create a live event experience? 

If so, you’ll love this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast. In it, you’ll get to eavesdrop on my pre-event briefing with the co-host of my annual content marketing event Courageous Content Live - Ant McGinley. 

You’ll get tons of insights into how to plan and execute a large event, how we choose the speakers…and even what to wear. 

I wasn’t planning to publish this as a podcast episode. But there were so many funny insights and stories I thought were just too good not to share. 

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And I've never seen a timetable for any event that's so detailed. Like to the minute, like it terms like 8 27, this, then nine, and I'm like, Oh, why can't it just be 8 25? Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes to create a live event experience? If so, you'll love this episode of the Courageous Content Podcast.

In it you'll get to Eve's job on my pre-event briefing with the co-host of my annual content marketing event, Courageous Content Live and McGinley. Probably shouldn't be sharing this, but we want our speakers to sit with the delegates, so me and you, and we will crawl around making sure that they don't like buzz off, and just go and sit, put their feet up and have a cocktail.

You'll get tons of insights into how to plan and execute a large event, how we choose the speakers and even what to wear. My manager in that show has a


sparkly pink jacket I can send you a picture of. Um, Okay. Which I can borrow so we could be matching, we'd, We'd look a little bit like extras from greases.

make sure you are part of the:

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I thought maybe we'd just let


you eavesdrop on our pre-event meeting. So this is Aunt McGinley, he's gonna be my co-host at the event. And uh, yeah, we thought why not, Why not just let you eavesdrop on our pre-event meeting about day one? So how are you doing, Ann? I'm really good. I'm totally prepared for this to grow tantrums and TIAs like you did last time.

So, uh, given a real , given a real insight into what it's like behind the scenes. What do you mean last time? You mean tantrums and Tia? That's just hook what you about. Yeah, I won't tell anyone about that. Anyway, so day one, I've sent you the schedule. What do you think? What questions have you got for me about day?

Well, first of all, my, my question is, is just there's so much in there and what I really enjoy about your events when I've been there before is it


always introduces me to somebody new. There's usually somebody that I've seen online that I've never had the opportunity to meet and have a chat with as well.

And then there's somebody that always comes completely from the left field. So I'm looking forward, There's a couple of people that I've never heard of like this, this Janet Murray woman. I dunno who she's, what she does. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. Well, she's gonna be talking about creating a cash generation content strategy.

Yes. . Um, we can talk about that in a second. So, yeah. Who, who else has caught your eye? I'm looking forward to seeing Don Smithers just because of Live Bible in terms of like how they started off very small and become such a huge social media content. Not necessarily my kind of thing, but it it's something that you, you're gonna be aware of.

And I think that the key thing for, for everybody who does any content or video is that hope, that


dream, that wish to make something go viral. And yet I always find the stuff that I work really hard on never seems to, you know, maybe gets 10 likes or five impressions, something silly. I always accidentally stumble across something that does very well.

So I think with a company like that and, and somebody from there, if they can give any insights to that, even if I can take away two or three points, that's something for me personally I'm gonna be really excited about. Yeah. But I think if you wanna learn about viral content, there's plenty of social media experts.

We could have booked, talk about viral content, but do they really know about viral content? But you know, lab Bible, it pops up in my feed and I see viral. Like several times a week from them. And Dominic like me, his background is journalism. So when I did my briefing call with him, he talked about news gathering.

And I think for business owners, well you, you are like me. You've worked in the media, haven't you?


We understand that, don't we like news gathering where you find your stories and new content, But I think for business owners, I think that's gonna be really interesting to hear someone who creates content for a living.

Talk about where do they go? Like where do they look? Who do they talk to? Like how do they decide to cover this story or that story? And I think there's a lot we can learn. As business owners from Dom, from Lab by what they, He has been very elusive. Like we found it really difficult to get a hold of him, unsurprisingly, as we've had about three prime ministers in the last however long.

But it's been quite difficult to get an answer from him by email, but I think, I think we understand that. Yeah. I'm also looking forward to the Kate B session because I'm somebody that's only started doing TikTok this year, and even though I've kind of done about 20 videos now, I think I still very much feel like a.

And I think also as well, I do feel in doing TikTok


that it's not my generation, so I'm a little bit, not so much imposter syndrome. Like I, I totally feel like I don't really know what I'm doing or what I could be doing better. So I think that's a session that I'm gonna get a lot of value from. Yeah, and it is quite a practical session.

One that I'm really looking forward to is the YouTube session with David Bennett. I found David Bennett. This is proof that content marketing works, right? So I've found David Bennett's YouTube channel because, which is a bit sad. I was googling, did Paul McCartney No Music Theory, right? and I found a video with, with that title and then found David Bennett's amazing channel where he, he basically, it's something that I'm a bit obsessed with and we have got a whole podcast episode on this, which you can link to.

I am plagued by, I hear a song


and I'm like, Oh my God, that sounds like three other songs, and it just drives me nuts. You're nodding like you, you know what I mean? and David creates these videos where he explains why when you hear a white shade of pale, you also hear whatever. Um, amazing Grace was the one for me.

So you know that, um, Oh God, what were they called? Those never ever have, you know, I should try and sing that better. Really? Oh, all saint, thanks. Yeah, Yeah. How's it go again? Never ever have we need to, Are we ever, are we any karaoke tonight? Cause we can do that. But that is basically amazing Grace. So David has these videos where he just explains it all in music theory and I, for one, find it fascinating.

But I think that's really interesting because everyone's afraid to me, aren't they? And we've got quite a few speakers over the two days. So we've got Karen after that's day too. But she's, she has got this


podcast, Menopause whilst Black. We've got Joe Soley, who's combined in numerology and business coaching.

I bet you're looking forward to that one. Aren. Yeah, so I, I met Joe at your last online session. She did the brilliant numerology session online, and I went into that very skeptical and I was like, Oh, here we go. You know, Janet found somebody a bit kooky, but she was brilliant. Really enjoyed that, and yeah, it was an eye opening experience.

Yeah, when I first met her, I saw her speak at another event. And for anyone who's looking to get booked as the speaker, that's where you find people. I booked Anne to speak after seeing Anne speak at an event. We, we met, didn't we? We always, it's a whole other story, but we kind of almost went on a blind date.

That wasn't a blind date. Like we were set up by Tim Lewis who's going to be at the event, which is, which is good. But anyway, and she's really young, so she's, she's about the same age as.


And I think you might be a bit younger than me, Amp, but she's about the same age as me, late forties, and she looks a lot younger and sounds a lot younger.

And that was her opening gambit. I thought she was about 25 or something. She's done a lot in her short time, but she says, I dunno if I should spoil it by saying, she often opens her talks and she says, Some people call me crazy, some people call me for advice, and that just about sums show up. I think that's gonna be b.

Before we wrap up, anything else that you, that's caught your eye for day one? The drinks. . The drinks OK. ? Yeah, that that sounds about right. So do you wanna know where the drinks are gonna be happening? What. Yeah, exactly. Like what drinks are available. Will you be behind the bar with the cocktail shaker?

What's, what's the plan for that? No, I absolutely won't be. So the, the official drinks are taking place at, I, I was actually


was there the other day doing a rei, so it's this amazing bar called the Above Rooftop Bar, and you have amazing views all over Newcastle and we've got it exclusively. So if you're an old person like me and you don't.

Being in loud places where you can't control the noise, then it's lovely, nice sofas, nice and comfy, and there's balconies. We can actually go outside and you can look at this amazing view, and it's just us as well, which is amazing. We will be providing a little bit of food, and your first drink is on Touchpoint Marketing, who is one of our hospitality sponsors and fancy dress Not required, although possibly fancy dress if you're joining us on the 31st.

And I dunno what you're thinking of, but we're doing joint Halloween drinks with Andrew and Petes at Colonel Porters and we're sort of saying Halloween themes like, you know, if you're a bit shy you could wear pumpkin earrings or


orange socks or something. Although not, if you are Catholic, you can't wear orange socks because that would not go down.

Well, I don't know. My family would not do well. I just, I just had an idea. We, we could go as a double act. We could go in costume together and we could go, Yes, let's do that as Andrew.

We could do, Although I could see, I could see there's some, some challenges around that. But yeah, we could do that. But now we've just given the game away, haven't we? We just bought it, haven't we? Yeah, both those venues are brilliant. I've been lucky enough to go to a couple of events in Newcastle previously, and I think I first went to both those venues during Newcastle Startup Week, which happened, You know, the very first one before Covid and Colonel Porters is, is brilliant.

It's one bar and then there's like, There's a bookcase and you go through to another bar. I think that's where we're gonna be, which is amazing. And the rooftop bar has the


most amazing view of the bridge. Yeah. It just feels like it's stunning. It's very cosmopolitan. Yeah. Yeah. And Andrew and Pete were a little bit younger than me, so I'm always like conscious of the fact that I have a lot more sort of old ladies who like a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Actually at the last event I went, I did actually stop off to. Team Biscuits on the way home . Um, but anyway, it's really handy. It's just, it's just up from the key side. So for people who are staying, I know lots of people are staying at like the premier in, or travel lodge or whatever, or even just over from the Hilton where we're staying.

That's, yeah. So a nice easy walk. So, yeah. And Newcastle as a city as well is, is really compact, so you can actually walk across it quite easily and, and get to, if you wanna go and see different places, different venues there. Yeah. It's the center of Newcastle's relatively. Absolutely. And before we finish up, is there anything you want to ask me about the organization


of the day And like we've got a very detailed schedule that I've created for you under spreadsheet that is very long.

Can we, Says and Three Steps and, and asked Janet this. It's very details, isn't it? But is there anything that. Need to know about and we can need to talk about what to wear as well. But anyway, let's just, Yeah. And think you need to know about, you know, dealing with the speakers or delegates or any rules.

Cause you know, I like a rule so, A, So we are gonna have to sort of coordinate in terms of what we're wearing, especially with the screen that we've got behind so we don't disappear or you know, somebody can do some kind of green screen madness with us. But in terms of the schedule, that's pretty much what I'm used to with, with previous events, particularly when we did them during lockdown, it was very much like a radio show and.

I just remember it coming through and I've never seen a timetable for


any event that's so detailed. Like to the minute, like it says like 8 27 this, then nine, and I'm. Why can't it just be 8 25 or eight 30? But no, and it, it worked cause it was 8 27 and I've not, I've not had time schedules like that outside of working in radio where you have to get those junctions for Yeah.

You have to get those junctions for the adverts, for the news breaks for the next show coming in and for having that ability to get the, the traffic and travel the. You know, I'm very militant about, I sent out my bossy boots speaker briefing yesterday, which I think I sent to you, but like speakers are not allowed to go over time because no one needs.

Sit there and listen to somebody go on, you know, they're 20 minutes, but they're told to do 18 and that, that I will personally escort them off the stage or you will. Now we're more polite than that. That's why we have lots of breaks. They a long lunch, lots of


breaks. Cause I think people, well, most of us, our attention spans are just getting shorter and shorter, aren't there?

And I don't think we can just sit there for hours listening to people go on. So there's that. And, um, one of my other strict rules that I have as well, my bossy boots briefing. Well, I, I just, just on that last one, I'm, I'm, I'm glad you clarified you not read it, Anthony. I'm still reading it. I started yesterday and I'm still going through it.

they go on longer then maybe:

But yeah, if you could just get a hook and just remove. Off the stage. Yeah. And they also like, we do love our speakers, but. I, I


actually modified what I wrote in my body boots briefing. Like, I probably shouldn't be sharing this, but we want our speakers to sit with the delegates, so me and you, and we will prowl around making sure that they don't like buzz off and just go and sit, put their feet up and have a cocktail.

They are allowed to have a bit of time to get ready and a bit of a breather afterwards. But otherwise, because I think when people pay for an event ticket, like I don't like to sell. Me speaker, you delegate like that God-like thing I want, It's a community like for me. So I feel like speakers need to make themselves available to chat basically.

, was it content Live back in:


table really.

Dictates the day in terms of what you get from it, the value you get from it, because you then immediately have that opportunity and often you're given time to sort of discuss what was just came up or do the coffee break. You go for coffee together, but you digest, you compare notes, you take different things away from it, different perspectives, different experience of, of the stuff that's been shared.

The thing that I, I found is that with having a speaker sit at your table, it makes them more human. And I know that's a ridiculous thing to say because Yeah, yeah. We all are. But often you have this thing, especially when I think back to before I was speaking on stages as well, that there was something different about those people.

There was something almost, Yeah, yeah, yeah. There's a, you have about them and when you can sit and chat with them and have a joke with them and share a coffee or share some story.


You know, I've had some incredible experiences where I've been on tables at conferences and the stuff that's come up has has triggered real genuine emotion at the table, Real powerful emotion, and that's the kind of thing that really connects you to people.

So in terms of a networking opportunity, it's so much easier than walking into a room cold and not knowing anyone to be sat at a table, not just with fellow delegates, but then somebody. You've seen up there and has inspired you or challenged you and to be able to have that conversation with them? Yeah, it makes it easier.

I don't like, you know, when people queue up, like to speak to speakers. I just think, no, you don't go to an event to queue up to speak to a speaker. We'll also be hoofing them around in the nicest possible way, but we'll be encouraging them to move to different tables, , uh, cause I'm very strict about these things.



no, I think if someone's bought a ticket, it can be awkward and you don't wanna stand. They're queueing up to talk to somebody. So if we can rotate them around, hopefully you don't have that awkwardness and you can just grab them when you get the time. That's what I always try and do. I'm conscious of time cause I know you've gotta, you've gotta catch a train, but just a quick word on what we're wearing then.

So the backdrop is this kind of like way you blue things. Blue suit. I've got like a pink jacket, which I was gonna talk to you about. A pink velvet jacket. I did have leather trousers to go with it, but I, I felt, I, I felt a bit bet Lynch. So, um, I dunno if bet Lynch ever wore. No, that, that works. . So what are you planning on wearing?

Well, now that you said that I've got a wonderful neon pink waist coat and tie. Oh. Um, which usually. With a gray suit, but works equally well with a black suit that I have, if that's not gonna be too


dark. Okay. So should I send you a picture of my hot pink jacket and we can compare notes? Yeah. Yeah, but we need two outfits.

Okay. So just to wrap up then, also speaking, it doesn't mean that we don't think they're great, it's just that we can only give you so, so many minutes of podcast. But Saha, Lydia, she's gonna be talking about how to. More leads and sales from your Messenger bot, Mike and Cali. Mike Morrison. Call Willows the membership experts.

They're gonna be talking Mike about a membership content strategy. We've talked about the TikTok session. I'm gonna be talking about a cash generation content strategy, but um, we can talk more about that in the next session. Getting started with email marketing with Auntie k Kpc, I did ask her if it was okay to pull her Auntie k and I dunno if she likes it.

Said that people did So and then Steve Fallen will be closing out with how to build a Thriving Facebook community. I know you'll approve


of this, but how to start a podcast. We've got a session from our sponsors Captivate, How to Start a podcast even if Brilliant Sort. So that's gonna be great. Looking forward to that.

Our friend Nick Reman and Kate Cocker will be on that session along with a local girl that I found, Ashley, Ashley King, and um, Gary and Sarah from Captivate. So, um, yeah, it's gonna be good isn. Yeah, really exciting. It's a brilliant day lined up, and I'm gonna be exhausted by the end of it as well. I'm a bit surprised you haven't actually sent me detailed times of when to sleep and when to dream as well.

Don't worry. That's, that's coming. That's coming. Okay. So, and. Quick catch up about day two then. So, um, what's caught your eye for, for day two? I think I know what will have caught your eye for day two. already. Let me see if I'm right. Well, it's gonna be the podcast


growth thing. It jumps right out at me, and I think that's very much a buzzword within podcasting at the minute.

I mean, it's something that people have always wanted to do, but. Uh, we're in a time where that's very much the focus of everybody now. I think people are more literate in, in podcasting and more familiar with podcasting. And so now it's just naturally turned onto this how to grow it. And I think genuinely it's something that's, you know, really important now because it, it can be the difference between a hobby and a career and, and something that really generates a revenue and a profile for you.

And actually you're looking at an earlier draft of the schedules. Podcast monetization and growth. So we'll be talking about monetization sponsorship and I know people are always interested as obviously captivate our sponsors so they are paying to be part of the community. But I use Captivate for my own podcast.

I wouldn't partner with anyone that


I don't love. I've got, I think 11 podcasts at the last count. And um, I was very conscious when we were working out what content they were gonna deliver, obviously that it was valuable content and it wasn't like, you know, let's. Use Captivate. Use captivate, but also that we had something for everyone.

So we've got that session on the first day, which. Well by this point, maybe we've already had it between when you're listening on how to start a podcast, but then we've got how to grow and monetize. And I think every podcast do I know even ones who, you know, their podcast is doing pretty well, They're always looking for new strategies.

d to at one of your events in:

And very happy .


She turned you down. She turned you down. Yes. Cuz she launched her podcast using your old microphone from this podcast. She did? Yeah. Uh, Blue Snow. And she's doing very well with that. And, And she's used that podcast to launch her membership and she, she's done, done fantastic that, I mean, it's a couple of years on from where she was with that, so it's gonna be great to catch up with her.

Also, something that I'm terrible at and that makes it sound like I'm great at everything. There's lots of things that I'm terrible at, but one thing in particular that I'm terrible at is linked in. I've met John Esperan briefly before, but he is, you know, five minutes with John Esperan is just. More value than, than, Is that how he says his name Es Esperan.

Cause this is the kind of thing we need to talk about, isn't it? Because I always thought he was John Esperan. Ah. So we need to talk about this. So, so yeah, we'll have to work on this. This is why we have these


meetings. This is why we have these meetings so we can sit down. And

I love John if he's listening to this, cuz he did tell me the other day that he subscribed to the podcast. He's everything I want to be right. He's organized. He doesn't make mistakes. Silly mistakes with things like he's, he's on the wall. Totally. And I think we need to ask him, I I, I've always thought it was espan, but now you've come up with this espan, esp espan, like, like that's posh, isn't it?

That's like mattan instead of Lan, isn't it? Well, I think also is why you've gotta bear mind that, that we're coming from different backgrounds and parts of the world who have different accents and eye drop letters left, right, and center. So it could just be a regional thing. Somebody who I'm also looking forward to seeing, but I'm really hoping.

I don't pick up where we left off the last time because, Oh God, the last time I saw, my God, yeah.


No, this, this sounds terrible, but the last time I saw, gonna say immediately after, But he lost, his bag was stolen and he lost, He lost his laptop on his phone. That was your fault, was it? Yeah. He maybe even, Well, well, possibly.

I mean, we were sat together at some point and his bag was taken and mind wasn't, I'd gone, I didn't take the bag. I just wanna sort of reemphasize that, that point. But yeah, so I, I'm really excited cuz he was a great speaker. I, I was really impressed with him. And yeah, like on, on a personal level as well.

Really engaging, really funny. Everyone loves Phil. Yeah, everyone loves Phil. He's gonna be talking about Pinterest growth and just being Phil, he's actually closing out the event. And that's, that's great. And, um, what about the gift wrapping mini class? Has that not caught your eye? ? You know what, you know what?

I'm actually pretty good at


wrapping gifts. Yeah. I have to say. And I do this little trick where, and, and it's worth looking where you have a little bit extra paper. It's is with, with a square box. Anyway. You have a little bit extra paper than you need and then you fold that back in on itself and it creates a little pouch in which you can slip the card, which is very useful at weddings.

So when you go and they've got a table for the gifts, you put the card themselves. I feel like I just asked you directions. I feel like I said, Oh, could you tell me how to get to the BP garage?

Just do the, See this thing That's, That will give you an idea of what my gift wrapping is like. OK , if I bother to wrap. But yeah, Lou, who works in my team, she's actually our event organizer. She is also a gift wrapping specialist. She has a business where she teaches gift wrapping, she gifts wrap for people.



she does more teaching of it. Yeah, and we just thought it would be a nice idea. I wouldn't be allowed in the class cuz I wouldn't be able to calm down probably and do things slowly enough. We thought, especially for quiet and more introverted people, it might be quite a nice, almost like a meditative start to the day.

She's gonna teach people how a wrap planner or something . But we thought it might be a nice chill start today. I won't be allowed in cuz I'll be too hyperactive to be in there. Is she also doing the wrap up or is that too obvious? A gag. Oh yeah. Oh, I like it. I like it. Um, one quick thing about John's Experian.

Espan or esp? Esan. Sterhan, Gloria Sterhan. But anyway, let's, let's get back to, um, I begged John to speak at the event, like he said no to me so many times. It was embarrassing. And I said to him,


John, like, I'm only gonna ask you one more time. Cause I started to think maybe you didn't like me or something.

Cuz he just said no so many times, , I said, Look John, I can't ask anymore. It's getting embarrassing now. This is the last time I'm gonna ask you and he said yes. This time, I dunno what changed, but I'm very glad that he's talking about LinkedIn. Anyway, we, we better wrap up just to, just to use that part again, but just, just one more person I wanna say that I'm looking forward to seeing as well is Sarah McDowell, who joined Captivate fairly recently and she's been nervous speaking in America earlier this year.

And I first met Sarah back in marketed live, I think it was the very first marketed live when she was in Darby. She's great and but I've never had the chance to actually see her speak, so I'm looking forward to that. Well, I spent a lot of time with Sarah in Texas and agree, she's great. Me and Sarah went clubbing, right?

So we went to this


party and I did. My usual. I don't like it in here. I think of the last five minutes. Within five seconds on the dance floor. Just like going for it. Colin Gray, you know Colin Gray, podcasting, Colin who, who of course unfortunately can't make it this time around, but he did not know Lizzo so, You know, it's about time.

He was like, Oh, this song's got a good beat. I can't do a sketch Jackson. Very well. This has got a good beat. What is this song? Everyone starts to Lizzo like, um, so anyway, I was there like with my arm in the air. I'm doing it now like cuz I love dancing. And then I realized, I was like thinking I'm a bit old to be in here.

Like, you know, I'm nearly 50. Like, but you know, I'm giving it some in the dance floor. And then I realized that my reading glasses were on the top of my. Like , I was like my reading glasses, like I'm on the top of my head, like I might as well have had them on


a string around my neck or something. But that was me and Sarah had a great time.

I said to her, Sarah, I don't think I will be able to participate in the same way as I did. In Texas because I will be very busy, but we spent a lot of time together. We shall, We shall sing, I shall sing. And to give a hook for Sarah as well. Did you know that she used to do Roller Darby? No, but I, I know she, she did a dance degree.

I know that cuz she was giving it some of the dance floor. And then we talked afterwards. I, I know Sarah's roller Darby name, which I'll say what for my introduction. Are you gonna save it for the intro? I was gonna save it. I save it. Does it mean we can talk about the most handsome man in podcasting, apart from you and every other podcasting man?

Yeah, unfortunately. Mark from Captivate Colin Gray. . Yeah. Colin Gray. So, so, so Colin gets offended when I say this, but Mark from Captivate will not be coming, but he, it. Is one of the


best looking men in podcasting and has the nicest good accent in the whole world. And I think he might be avoiding me now because it's well known how handsome I think he is and how much I love his accent.

So anyway, just cut that bit. Editor. No, I'm only joking. . Right. So what else to wrap up? Cause I know you've gotta catch a train, haven't you? And much as we could sit Yeah. Sharing this stuff all day. I love some of the titles of these sessions as well, and the one that really sort of sticks out to me. The second session of the day from Helen Perry, how to just bloody post it.

And I love that already. I'm really looking forward to that because I think as a title, if it Ron Seals, if it delivers what it says on the tin, that's gonna be brilliant. And I think even me, with all the stuff that I do in the content I point out all the time, I still have that overthink sometimes that kicks in.

Yes, that stops me


from slowing down. And I also know that, uh, one thing that I sugar with is often spending too much time on. Whereas actually after maybe half an hour, 20 minutes is good enough to go and then, Right. Yeah. It's only two, three hours have gone. Totally get you. I just wanted to finish up, there's one other person I want to mention cuz there's a story, but, So Katie Forks, who's our e cam live, she's bringing Caleb over.

Mm-hmm. . So Katie lives in the US I think Caleb is in Canada. And we asked them, right? So I was going over to podcast movement, um, because they're sponsoring the event, you know, be nice. Like, is there anything you'd like me to bring you from the uk? What do you like to eat? Well, I got Lee to ask as it vegan sausage wells from Greg's.

I'm like, I don't think, Yeah, vegan. But he won't tell you that. Until at least five seconds after he's met you . But, um, but anyway,


he's now, he's at outrage now, but I said, I don't think that will travel very well. But I took Katie some gin, like some, I can't, I don't drink gin, so I can't remember what sort of gin it was, but, It worked out okay, but within second years, sometimes you get a measure for people when you meet them and you're kind of like, I feel like I could probably say this to this person.

I'm not always good at this. Sometimes I get this wrong actually, but I've had this interesting experience with this man in Covent Garden who was wearing some extraordinary tight cycling shots. And to the point where it was quite obscene. And to cut a long story short, I obviously judged that Katie was the kind of person who wanted to see these pictures within about a minute of meeting her in person and her colleague, Doc, do you know Doc e Cam?

You met Doc. And they seemed to take it, okay, . But one of them turned to the other and said, Well, she's not


very reserved, is she for a Brit

And it was this guy that, yeah, I'd So fictitiously taken photos. I dunno how it came about. I showed all the Captivate team as well, so, um, yeah. Um, so Katie, she's got a good, I mean, I'm, I'm, I'm tempt, I'm tempted now on day two to open it wearing just cycling shorts. Just . Just to introduce them to the, I'm gonna send you these pictures afterwards.

You'll know why. Don't know why. Yeah. Anyway, so we've also, Jess Kalama, my friend, is gonna be talking about how to create a content strategy to sell to corporate clients. And I think we're gonna need to do a lot of more of that sort of things. I'm very excited. And Jess is also sponsoring our VIP speaker and sponsor drinks, which will probably have happened by now.

Maybe by the time this goes out Charlotte, Foster's gonna be part of the podcasting panel, isn't she? Love Charlotte, Natalie


Lou, one of my favorites. Um, I think you've met Lata Lee Lou before, Have you? Oh yeah. You've met Natalie Lou, haven't you? Yeah. mostly about that very messy events. What's that supposed to mean?

Ok. To be honest, they always end up being messy at some point. They do. Yeah. Yeah. I was back to my room by that point, but I don't think Natalie was involved like implicating it, but I just think she may remember. And then Robin Kennedy, we haven't talked about. And um, Melissa Love, I don't know if you know, you know, I thought that was a surprise.

I thought that was a surprise. Yeah. Well, the surprise will already have happened. This bit isn't a surprise, but email lead magnet clinic. And you, I'm quite bossy about this as well, so you only allowed in this one if you have an email, lead magnet and you've got a problem with it cuz we've got limited space.

But I think that's gonna be good. And also importantly, lunch as well.


Wait, I hope this is gonna be Greg sausage rolls at lunch for the Canadian, a vegan, a vegan lunch for you. Don't mind, we've, we've, um, , we've, we've sorted you out with a vegan lunch. Sarah McDo was also a vegan, so you can talk. Yeah, I tried to buy Sarah, have a vegan.

I bought everybody donuts from Captivate and I couldn't get a vegan one. So you know, you had to come back and go, Sarah, I did try to buy you a vegan donut, but I couldn't get you one. Let me, let me sort you out. Let me sort you out. Great. Go to co-op at the bakery section of co. They have pink iced ring donuts, 12 of them, three pounds.

They are vegan. They have chocolate ones as well, which aren't vegan, but the pink iced ones. Vegan pack 12, give three to Sarah. All of the rest give to Sarah. Yeah. Okay. Brilliant. That sounds good. Well, and lastly, what we're gonna wear for day two. Any suggestions? I haven't bought anything yet. I have got this hot pink jacket, but anything


that, um, you think we could do for day two?

Well, how you have, um, Because, you know, I've got an alter ego now with the standup stuff I've been doing. Yeah. The, the, the wrestler, my manager in that show has a sparkly pink jacket I can send you a picture of. Okay. Which I can borrow so we could be matching. We'd look a little bit like, uh, extras from Grease

Yeah. I, Is there anything else? Maybe we should just wear the Halloween stuff and keep it on for the whole Yeah. The whole event. Yeah. Andrew and Pete outfit or something. Yeah. Well, right, well, I'll see you. Um, I'll see. See you in the morning. 7 43 , you'll be able to take a toilet break. How many seconds at eight 11 and having a vegan, a vegan donut at 8 26 and coffee.

Anyway, How much, how much time do I have to eat the


donut? That's the key thing. Yeah. Well, I, I need to schedule some time for that Anyway, , I hope you've enjoyed these chats with, uh, me and, and these little behind the scenes and, um, I dunno how to finish this. You know, how do we finish this an, I dunno, how do we.

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