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Addicted to growth?
Episode 894th April 2024 • Scale with Psychology • Ani Manian
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Striving for growth from a place of perceived deficit or a need to prove oneself is an illusion and ultimately unfulfilling. 

Instead, growth should stem from curiosity and a comfortable acceptance of where one currently is.

A balance between appreciating what we have and maintaining the desire to achieve more, is the ideal state for entrepreneurs to aspire towards.

Key points: 

The Essence of Growth: Beyond Ambition and Need

The Myth of Not Being Good Enough

Curiosity vs. Compulsion: The Dual Nature of Growth

Embracing Stillness: The Key to Healthy Growth

Navigating Life's Challenges: From Relationships to Self-Discovery

The Neurochemistry of Growth: Serotonin vs. Dopamine

Finding Balance: The Middle Path to Satisfaction and Growth



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