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The Gerry Anderson Podcast - Anderson Entertainment EPISODE 131, 14th December 2020
Pod 131: Life, Happiness, and Puppets with Matthew Sweet
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Pod 131: Life, Happiness, and Puppets with Matthew Sweet

What drove Gerry Anderson to create such an incredible body of work over such a long career? In part two of this interview, Matthew Sweet joins Jamie to reflect on how the creator of Supermarionation was known for his mixed feelings on puppetry. Taking a dive below the surface, Matthew and Jamie explore their memories of an uncompromising creative individual and discover a few surprises along the way...

01:07 Welcome to the Gerry Anderson Podcast! Chris Dale cooks some mushrooms and Jamie takes some questions from the audience.

09:09 FAB Facts: A Tale of Two Barrys

14:53 Richard reads Listener Emails... and a Chris-mas surprise.

22:15 The Gerry Anderson News. See links below!

25:34 From the Podcast Facebook Group!

29:39 Matthew Sweet - Part Two

46:14 Announcing next week's special feature. Plus more podsteron messages!

52:58 Chris Dale and the Gerry Anderson Randomiser is Oven-Ready! NEXT WEEK the Christmas Randomiser!

01:14:35 Wrapping things up!

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