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Snippet1: Stop Focusing On Results And Start Building A Community
17th November 2018 • Breakthrough Success - Content Marketing That Works • Marc Guberti
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Welcome to the first ever Snippet Saturday episode on Breakthrough Success. Each week, we'll turn back the clock and share some insights from a previous episode.

The first Snippet Saturday brings us back to Anna Sabino who shares some valuable insights in Episode 259.

Most people are results focused. They think about growing their email lists, boosting conversion rates, and ultimately, getting more sales.

While it's good to set goals like these, they can prevent us from seeing the full picture.

It's tempting to think more about your results than building a community and serving your audience.

Also, no conditions! This is what separates the great content brands from the ones that are good or just okay. Some content creators have the mentality that they'll only serve their customers and forget about the visitors who don't give them a single penny.

While it is possible some of those visitors become customers later, let's say they don't. Even then, you need to keep creating content and serving your community (those who pay you AND those who don't).

Creating free content increases your visibility as some people will share it. You get in front of more potential customers. In many cases, the content you share builds the trust process and can be the key determinant between getting a client versus not getting a client.

Content and engagement build trust. Continue serving the people who buy your products and services, but make sure you also serve your free audience. If you focus on people and on building a community, the results will come.

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