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Interview With Casting Director and Coach, Mary Lynn Wissner – Part 1
Episode 3622nd July 2020 • Audio Branding • Jodi Krangle
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Since 1990, Mary Lynn Wissner’s company Voices Voicecasting has cast thousands and thousands of voice talent in thousands and thousands of voiceover productions. She directs workshops, coaches voice talent, consults, and directs talent around the world. While things have certainly changed in the midst of the COVID-19 shutdowns (during which time this episode was recorded), Mary Lynn has stayed quite busy, including just finishing up a Bud Light casting.

In the first part of our conversation, we spoke about:

  • Mary Lynn’s background in acting and her studies at UCLA and Cal State
  • Being hired by Don Pitts as an assistant voiceover agent
  • Starting her company, Voices Voicecasting 
  • Doing voiceover work herself
  • Producing a traveling workshop called The VO Roadshow
  • How Mary Lynn has been able to mold her career around her family life
  • What Mary Lynn wishes she would have done differently in her career
  • How supportive the voiceover community is
  • Trends that Mary Lynn has seen change over the years
  • The difference between reading the copy and acting the copy of a voiceover piece
  • The majority of work that Mary Lynn has seen come through during the COVID-19 shutdowns
  • What exactly Mary Lynn’s role entails as a casting director

To find out more about Mary Lynn and Voices Voicecasting, check out her website or email You can also check out The Voice Over Self Direction app on the App Store ( or on Google Play (

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