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#083 Mat Dryhurst
Episode 8329th August 2023 • Not A Diving Podcast with Scuba • Scuba
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When I make a specific effort to talk to people about AI, the responses range from the occasional Chat GPT enthusiast to a much-more-common feigning of indifference, hinting at a deep insecurity and probably-quite-pronounced fear.

This week's guest is perfectly placed to offer a degree of reassurance, or at least a bit more of a balanced view on the coming storm. And make no mistake, it is coming.

Mat Dryhurst, along with Holly Herndon, has long been engaged in important work at the intersection of music and emergent tech, from the Holly+ project with its AI and web3 interaction, to, which enables artists to opt out of Large Language Model training datasets, and the Interdependence podcast.

We discuss aspects of those projects, as well as the more general trends and developments that will impact musicians and creative people over the coming months and years.

This is an important one, covering some really crucial areas, but it's still a highly enjoyable listen... so get involved!

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