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How To Have An Incredible Launch With Small Numbers with Mary Hyatt
Episode 7711th August 2019 • Your Dream Business • Teresa Heath-Wareing
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  • It’s important to remember that you can’t heal your own sick mind with your own sick mind. Sometimes an outside perspective, such as a coach, is all you need.
  • Remember, you are exactly where you need to be.
  • If you’re working with a coach, you need to be as open and honest as you can be. It’s not going to be an easy process so you need to feel happy with who you’re working with.
  • There is a myth that if you have more followers, you’re going to sell more products and make more profit. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter about the numbers, it matters who is opening your email and buying into your products and services.
  • A great way to forget about the numbers is to forget about your ego. You don’t need to brag about the numbers you have to others in the industry, you need to focus on the people you are directly affecting.
  • If you’re better connected to your customers and clients, you can offer higher ticket items.
  • Remember, a sale never happens outside of a conversation. You need to think about who would benefit from your products and services and talk to them.
  • People want you to be human.
  • Ensure you’re giving your followers value and that they trust you.
  • You don’t need a big successful launch like everyone around you.
  • 100 devoted fans is better than 1,000 unengaged followers.
Love the people that are already supporting you. Nurturing the people that are in your DMs, commenting on your photos and replying to your emails is the best possible way to ensure a successful launch.
  • Introducing Mary Hyatt – 07:12
  • How Coaching Can Benefit You – 13:44
  • Launching A Product with Small Numbers – 20:50
  • Nurturing Your Small Numbers – 25:00
  • Getting Personal – 39:45
  • Forgetting About the Numbers – 50:00
  • Mary Hyatt Coaching
  • Mary Hyatt Instagram
  • Mary Hyatt Facebook
Transcript below


Hello and welcome to this week's episode of the podcast. I hope you're well, and I hope you came back after last week's slightly crazy episode. I apologise. I'm on form, now, she says. Let's see. Anyway, I can't mess up too much, because it's an interview, and it's already been recorded, so hopefully it should be fine.

This week I am interviewing the super lovely, and my very dear friend, Mary Hyatt. I've known Mary now for a couple of years, and I want to explain to you, although I'm a wee bit embarrassed, to tell you how on earth I met Mary, and how I started working with her, and then how we became good friends.

Basically, trying to think of where it started. Okay. Some time back, a few years back, I decided that I'd seen lots of different coaches, and I'd started to discover what coaching was about. I was thinking to myself that maybe this is what I needed, because I was one of those people, well, I know what to do. I know how to launch things, and market things, and I know how to put together memberships and courses, and all that sort of thing, and I had done it with loads of clients. I couldn't work out why I wasn't doing it for myself, and what was stopping me.

The thing that was also getting frustrating was, sometimes even though I knew what to do, I'd get to my desk, and I wouldn't do it. Or I would not feel motivated to do it. I just knew that I needed some kind of help, but it wasn't necessarily help in how to do things, because I knew that. I started looking in the coaching, and thinking about it, and I have to say my experience, which I do mention on the interview, but my experience of coaches tended to be more your traditional business coach, or business consultant.

When I first started my business I used to do networking. Obviously when I started that, all the coaches and all the consultants that could help you with your business were, well, in all honesty, middle aged men, and people that I didn't feel that I could relate to. Very corporate type people, and I just wasn't keen on the idea of someone coaching me like that. Anyway, this one day, I'm sat in San Diego. I'm at Social Media Marketing World, and I'm having a bit of a funny ... not episode, but like, I've talked before about I get overwhelmed at events. I had done Trafficking Conversion, and then straight into Social Media Marketing World.

It was really early in the morning, because I tend to get up quite early and do some work before my day starts, and I'm sat at my computer. It's 4AM, and my husband's staying, he's with me, he's asleep in bed, and I've got my headphones in, and I'm listening to a podcast while doing a few sort of emails, and a few things. I'm listening to Amy Porterfield. As you know, and I've talked before, Amy is one of those people that I aspire to be like. She's really a mentor to me, where that's the type of life and person and business that I would like for my own.

So anyway, I'm sat there listening to Amy, and Amy happens to mention that she's got a coach. She talks about her coach, and then she says her coach's name, and she says the name Mary Hyatt, and also mentions that Mary is Michael Hyatt's daughter. If you don't know Michael Hyatt, he's a New York bestseller, very successful businessman, and Mary's his daughter. She was saying how all the Hyatts are amazing, and it sounds like an advert for them, but anyway, I was interested as to the fact that she had mentioned Mary, and Mary was a coach.

I went online, and I had a look at Mary's website, and I have to say, it spoke so much to my heart. It was like literally everything that I needed was right there in it. It didn't really talk about doing business stuff, or strategy, or whatever. It talked about being more fulfilled, or being more inline with the life that you want. The more softer side, if you like, of coaching, and personal, rather than necessarily straight-up business. Anyway, I decided to message Mary. There was a form on her site that you had to complete, and there was a finance ... I'm pretty sure there was a, "You have to hit this level of finance." Luckily for me, I hit it from a dollar's point of view, but not of pounds. I was like, "Well, I'm sure that's fine."

So I filled in the form and I sent it over to the website, whatever. And sat there continued working, and it gets to the morning, and I'm getting ready to go to the conference, and Mary emails me back. She says, this is interesting- sorry, that was it. One of the questions on her form was, "What made you do this today?" And I said, "I'm in San Diego, I should be all pumped and excited, and instead I'm overwhelmed, and I'm lost, and a bit like a rabbit in headlights." She emailed me saying, "You'll never guess what. I'm in San Diego." Mary lives in Nashville, so obviously quite a bit from San Diego. She'd come over to see some clients, and she was in San Diego, and I was in San Diego, like the weirdest, most serendipitous, is that, I've said that right haven't I? Moment ever.

She said, "Do you want to meet for lunch and have a chat about it?" Anyway, absolutely blown away by the fact that she was in San Diego. Met her for lunch, and I guess, as you would say, the rest is history. I worked with Mary, and Mary and I then became really great friends, and we've just spent some time out in Nashville with her, about a week with her, and we just had a scream. It was brilliant. I loved it.

Mary is one of those people that is so smart, and has such a good way of dealing with things, that I just wanted her on the podcast, because I wanted you to hear some of the things she had to say. Because quite honestly, from my point of view, Mary has changed the way I think about me and my business. If I can say anything for coaching, honestly, for me, it worked wonders. I'm not going to say it does for everybody, but for me it was exactly what I needed at the time, I needed it. Mary did an amazing job.

Anyway, I've bought her on, and she's going to talk a bit about that, but she's also going to talk about launching when you don't have a massive list. Mary, at the time of recording this, had just gone through a launch where it was very small and private, and personal, and authentic. I wanted Mary to talk about her strategy with that as well, because I know that this is a big thing that lots of my audience talk about, the fact that they haven't got massive lists, and how can they launch if they haven't got a massive list, and blah, blah, blah. I wanted us to talk about this, because I knew she had done a good job.

There is so much value packed into this episode. I hope you're going to enjoy it, so I won't take up anymore time. Here's Mary.


Introducing Mary Hyatt


It gives me the greatest pleasure to welcome my very dear friend, Mary Hyatt, to the podcast. Welcome, Mary.

Oh my gosh. This is exciting and super fun.

And a little bit weird, because this is the first time I've ever interviewed someone face to face. And we literally are face to face.

I feel like this is actually going to be awesome, because we're just going to have a conversation.

Exactly. We're here in Nashville, which is awesome. I'm over here, Mary lives here, so this is a perfect opportunity to do a podcast interview and have a chat, because I've wanted Mary on the podcast for a long time. If you haven't heard of Mary, Mary, tell my audience who you are, and how you got to do what you're doing now.

Yeah. I am a Life and Mindset Coach. What I focus on with my clients, I work primarily with female entrepreneurs, but what I love helping women do is to begin to find their voice, and embark on a self-discovery journey, and shift their mindset so that they can design a life that they truly are in love with. Where they feel confident, where they love their bodies, where they love their lives, and are able to embrace their femininity in their work, in their relationships, and ultimately live from a truly authentic place.



Before I started my business, I don't think I'd ever really thought about coaching. Also, probably for the first couple of years of the business, I didn't think about coaching at all. I didn't realise what it could do. And honestly, you've coached me.


Which is amazing, and Mary is amazing. I was telling my husband the other night, and he said, "Have you ever told Mary this?" Because I said, "Mary has honestly changed my life." He was like, "I think you need to make sure Mary knows that," and you have. The thing is, right, if you'd come to me and said, "We're going to do coaching," I wouldn't have really known how to explain or talk about what I needed. I'm still almost, maybe to this day, I'm not sure I could say, "Actually, this is what you need coaching for," or, "This is what it specifically did." I just know all the stuff we did, all the work we did, changed everything. Not only how I focused on in my business, not only how I looked at myself, but how I interacted with my husband and my family.


Because the thing that I loved working with you about, and the coaching I liked, because I think I'd only ever known more business consultants than necessarily business coaches.


Is that they would have focused on the business bit, and actually for me, that wasn't the area we needed to work on.


We needed to work on me, and how I felt about myself, and how I felt about my business.

Yeah. What's interesting is, and this is why I love to be a coach, is that, there's that saying, "How you do one thing, is how you do everything."

I've not heard that.

To me, that goes back to mindset.


Your underlying beliefs about your capabilities. Who you are. The rules you operate under, the value system that you value, all of these sort of subconscious belief systems that we adopted from early, early ages, those kinds of beliefs, the ways of thinking, the perspective, that's what's running the show of our lives.


It shows up in our relationships. It shows up in our business. It shows up in the way we relate to our bodies, our spirituality, our confidence. What I found is, you might be great at business, but you might feel like a fraud.


So it's like, where else are you feeling like a fraud in your life? It has nothing to do with how successful you are in one area or another. To me it's like, do you feel fulfilled? Are you experiencing joy? Do you feel fully alive? If you don't, you're a beautiful candidate for coaching, because to me, all of those systems, all of those mindsets, the perspectives, the understandings of life, can be updated, remodelled, shifted, changed, until you tweak it enough, the way you think, when you shift the way you think, it shifts your external world.


You can experience more pleasure, more joy, more happiness, whatever that might be, but it requires a new awareness. As my mom would say, "You can't heal your own sick mind with your own sick mind."


You just can't see your own blind spots.


Which is why coaching is so powerful, and so beneficial. It was so fun working with you, because you were so open.

Yeah, yeah.

You were so ready to go there. Of course with coaching, you have to be willing to try out new things, and experiment, and you were the perfect student. I just love it. We had such a great time.

We did.

And now of course we're friends.

Yeah, which is amazing.

It was just an amazing experience.

It was. And like I said, I think sometimes, I would think, "Oh no, this is meant to be about the business, and how am I driving the business forward?" And actually now I look at it, it literally is like, no. Everything you did, and everything we talked about, and even when, I remember some sessions were very much about family.


Because I'm a step-mum, and there's a lot of goings on in my world when it comes to that, and there were lots of challenges, and even talking about that had a big impact on everything else. You could have the best business mind in the world, but if you wake up one day, and you don't feel like it, or something else. I think as a business owner, one thing I completely didn't realise or, I didn't think about how it impacted my business, is what was happening in my personal life.


And boy does it impact.

Oh, it bleeds into everything.


Like you said, you could have your best month ever, and your revenue is up, and your sales are up, and everything is just amazing, and what robs the ability to celebrate that, or to experience joy from that, or to feel fulfilment from that, could be something going on in your personal life that is in crisis, or is stressful. Even the way you think about your body.


If you hate your body, and you don't feel confident, and you don't feel like you are enough, it doesn't matter how many accolades you have in your business. You're still going to feel like the loser.


It's like all of that leads into every other area of your life, and so to me, if you were going to have a thriving life, you have to address every area. It's so much more than just business.


How Coaching Can Benefit You


Yeah. Totally. There's a couple of things, and we actually didn't come on to talk about the coaching too much, and we'll get to our thing that we're talking about, but there's a couple things I want to bring up, because they were so profound, and have honestly made a huge difference to me. They were, often I guess, it is the small things that you might say that then suddenly someone goes, "Boom." That's literally hit my head, and made perfect sense. One of the things you taught me, and we talked about, was you're exactly where you need to be. That honestly changed everything.


Because I would go through periods, like any business, where it got busy, and got quiet, and got busy, and got quiet. In the quiet periods, I would freak out.


And I'd panic and think, "Oh my god, this is wrong. What's happening? I need to get more business, I need to make more money, I need to do this, I need to do that." I remember one of those periods came when we were coaching, and you said to me, "What if this is exactly where it's meant to be?" And also personal life, my husband worked away a lot, and I was struggling with that, and again you said the same thing. "What if it's meant to be like this?" Suddenly like, what if it is? Actually therefore, I don't need to fight it. I don't need to be angry about it, I don't need to worry about it. I just need to ride it.


That has had such a profound effect on me, and how I feel about my business, because no longer do I feel like I'm panicking and struggling. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that sentence, but when things quieten down, or when I get something or I don't get something, or a shift happens, I think, "I'm exactly where I need to be right now."

Yeah. Well, and nothing is going to last forever.


I think of our business as seasons. You have spring, and summer, and fall, and winter, and there's periods of your business that are winter, and how necessary that is. To me, the suffering comes from wishing it were different than it is.


And putting that extended pressure on ourselves, of wanting it to be something that it's not, and trying to force it, and make it, and just strangle the energy of it, almost.

Yeah, yeah.

It's like, when you can kind of accept that things are the way that they are supposed to be, it just gives you the ability to make decisions that aren't from a place of fear.


That aren't from a place of anxiety. Because a lot of times when we feel, "Oh my god. I've got to make this money," or, "I've got to make this sale," we end up doing things that we would never do. In a place of peace, and feeling abundance, and feeling like we are exactly where we are, and as a business owner, you always want to be making your decisions from that place.


Not a place of fear, not a place of stress, not a place of panic, desperation. Because the trajectory, and the aftermath of those kinds of decisions made out of fear, you're going to be paying for that for a long time.

Huge. Huge.

It's miserable. I think that part of that experience for you, it's like slowing down, and being willing to see it from a different angle.


Like, what if this is exactly where I was supposed to be? What if this is where I need to be to learn specific lessons, to be able to have the space and the time to put some more energy into this project or that project? If I was really busy, I wouldn't have that energy for it.


I mean, to me, it's not by accident. When you can slow down, and accept what it, you just have greater perspective and more clarity to make the kinds of decisions that, in the long run, will bring your business to prosperity and abundance, where you want it to be, ultimately.

Absolutely. And I think as well, even if people don't buy into the abundance, it just makes you feel better.


Like, what choice do you want? Do you want to freak out and panic, or go through horribleness? Or do you want to sit there and think, because you can't change it.


Whatever it is, it's happening.


So you can just sit there and think, "Okay, well I can deal with it...




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