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167. Intuition Practical and Accessible
Episode 16711th July 2022 • Clearly Kathryn, Business Intuition Strategies For Leaders • Kathryn Mahoney
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High stress can cause us to feel intuition is not accessible nor practical, but why when it has been so helpful during calmer times? When life is stressful, things seem more complicated, including syncing with our intuition, unless we are well practiced, and even then, sometimes even the best of us need to outsource to get back in sync. No matter what, intuition is always there to give the best guidance. Always accessible like the glasses to see, or knowing the sun still exists even when it's the darkest night.

The practicality is the clarity and certainty in making the best decision which we all need in the most stressful times. Intuition is the best guide to practical next-step solutions. Yet, in high stress, we think the quiet time to get in sync and fillow intuition no matter how many past examples of the synchronicity of success have occurred in the past.

Through it all, intuition is always accessible and practical. All we have to do is practice knowing when we are in and out of sync and measure the success of our intuition to know it's our best source for decisions and path forward in times of high stress.

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