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Pod Buffet - Pod Buffet Podcasters EPISODE 29, 18th November 2020
Anette on Education by Anette Carlisle - Overview
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Anette on Education by Anette Carlisle - Overview

Anette Carlisle gives an overview of the focus of her podcast, Anette on Education. She has spent over twenty-five years as an elected official in the world of education in Amarillo, Texas, at both the K12 and community college levels. Anette also started a collective impact effort to improve educational attainment and reduce poverty in her region and beyond. She talks with guests she was worked with over her years of service, with a heavy emphasis on Texas, including legislative issues. 

LINK: https://anette-on-education.simplecast.com/

CONTRIBUTORS: Anette Carlisle, Darwin Carlisle, Bret Boyer