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Episode 56: Zico Coronel, Reimagining Scouting Reports, and Analogies in Coaching
22nd May 2019 • The Basketball Podcast • Chris Oliver
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Zico Coronel, Reimagining Scouting Reports, and Analogies in Coaching Guest: Zico Coronel, New Zealand Professional Coach In this week’s basketball coaching conversation, New Zealand professional coach Zico Coronel joins the podcast to talk about visiting the Houston Rockets, reimaging scouting reports, and using analogies in coaching. Coronel is in his second season as the head coach of the Taylor Hawks in the New Zealand National Basketball League (NBL). In his first season he lead the Hawks to 12 wins and a semi-final berth. This was a drastic improvement as the previous three years the Hawks won 10 games combined. Prior to becoming head coach of the Taylor Hawks, Coronel served as an assistant coach to the Wellington Saints. There he was the assistant coach to Kevin Braswell who is also head coach of the New Zealand Breakers in the Australian NBL.   Breakdown 1:00 - Travels in North America with the Houston Rockets 2:30 - Houston Rockets Team Practices 4:00 - Individual Workouts 6:00 - James Harden and His Individual Workouts 8:00 - Transfer into the Game and Simplicity 10:30 - Evaluating the Quality of the Shot 13:20 - Other Takeaways from the Houston Rockets 15:00 - Pieces of Advices for Coaches 16:00 - Takeaways from other Coaches 19:50 - Things Coaches Overvalued in Scouting Reports 23:50 - Helping Players Transfer Information 27:00 - Improving Players and Emphasizing Scouting Reports 28:30 - Improving Scouting Reports and Challenge for the Players 31:30 - Not Need to Write Generalities on Scouting Reports 33:50 - Good Thing at the Pro Level and Adaptability 36:30 - Using Metaphors and Analogies to Increase Understanding 38:00 - Snipers, Medieval Torture Racks and Lava 42:00 - "Don't Let The Defense get Close to the Ball when Spacing..." 45:00 - "Take A Hostage" when Defending Ball Screens 47:00 - Crack The iPhone 50:00 - Initiative During Ball Screen 51:30 - The Theory of Subtle Offense 54:30 - North Angle and One Screen 59:00 - Importance of Decision Making 1:01:30 - Other Examples of his Defense 1:04:00 - Subtleties of Offense and Defense 1:07:00 - Brilliant Coaching in NBA Zico Coronel’s Bio Bio: Twitter: Website: Quizzing:   Basketball Immersion Website: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at




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