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How Robert Slovak Narrowly Escaped Death by Rediscovering a Lost Sea Mineral, and How He's Revolutionizing the Water Industry Today!
25th February 2022 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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International water scientist Robert Slovak is regarded as one of the world’s foremost water experts.

Robert Slovak devoted himself to the science of water after life-altering experiences. He took his astronautical and mechanical engineering degrees and decided to pursue the research of reverse osmosis with his brother Jack. The dynamic duo were considered the early developers of Reverse Osmosis technology. He is the co-founder of Water and Wellness.

In this episode, you will discover...

-Great deal available for the NEW Hanu wearable device…02:10

-Robert’s bio…04:15

-His appearances on the Ben Greenfield podcast were a huge success…07:00

Episode Link: Deuterium Depleted Water, Etc.

Episode Link: Hydrogen Water, Etc.

-Robert’s interest in water is rooted in a desire to untangle complexities in a topic we don’t know enough about…11:45

-He was introduced to membrane separation and reverse osmosis while working on missiles during The Vietnam war (1971)…13:40

-How to reduce most contaminants in municipal water supplies…19:20

-Aquatru filter

-Glyphosate (Round up) is found all over the world in water and it is difficult to remove…23:00

-The pH of anything you eat or drink is irrelevant to human physiology…27:25

-Two types of water filtration: distillation with activated carbon and reverse osmosis plus activated carbon…31:05

-Robert is most famous for under sink RO Systems that have a sealed storage tank and reverse osmosis membrane with filters…33:30

-Water storage is a problem and leads to health issues; The tank needs to get emptied or it becomes a microbial incubator!...35:10

-Our microbiome is our second brain; the correlation between gut health and neuro cognitive issues is huge… 37:15

-There is a product available at camping stores called a Steripin, it’s a small portable UV light that kills all three types of pathogens and water… 40:20

-All about minerals and trace elements in our water…43:05

-Roberts go to solution to re-mineralize the body… 47:00

-Habitat crisis by scientist Dr. August Dunning about the correlation between the depletion of our soil and the increase in chronic disease…48:00

-Quinton Marine plasma; Robert believes this product saved his life… 50:00

-Hypertonic versus isotonic; best practices to stay in peak physical health… 53:00

-The value of isotonic and when it is appropriate to use it… 57:00

-Plankton blooms; a natural miracle…57:55

-Quinton was the most prevalent medicine around 1916…1:00:30

-Robert's opinion on mineral waters on the market…1:06:30

-Dr. Michael Kessler claims Quinton isotonic is capable of shifting every patient from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous system in 10 minutes or less…1:09:30

-Water and Wellness website where you can purchase the isotonic and hypertonic ampules for your water…1:13:30

-Hydrogen infused water and the benefits…the most unique and powerful antioxidant we can access…1:14:40

-Isotonic foot baths; H2 Relief tablets for soaking accelerates recovery, reduces inflammation, and induces relaxation…1:19:10

-When Hydrogen scavenges free radicals, it turns them into H2O; water!…1:24:20

-The process involved with Hydrogen that increases cognitive function…1:26:05

-Some free radicals are beneficial to the body and Hydrogen doesn’t interfere with those…1:28:30

-Practical guidance for taking Hydrogen tablets…1:35:45

-New product: ChroMAX™ is a product with Chromium for metabolic health…1:38:15

-The serious threat of EMF and EMR to overall human health…1:40:20

-New communication system is possible with scalar waves…1:45:30

Episode Link: Brandon Amalani with Blushield technology



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