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EPISODE 006 | Killology
Episode 63rd June 2020 • RANGE • Range
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While much of America is on fire, and trust in police is shaken to the core, activists have discovered that Spokane law enforcement has invited Dave Grossman -- the inventor of "Killology," a widely discredited training technique -- to train our local police.  His ideas are flippant, callous and more concerned with making sure cops know how to beat a shooting than how to help those in need. These are not de-escalation techniques. This episode showcases audio of Grossman's lectures and makes the case that he should not be welcome in Spokane.

Among Grossman's more infamous pupils: the guy who killed Philando Castile in Minneapolis in 2016, a precursor killing that laid the groundwork for the nationwide unrest that sprang up after the murder of George Floyd. 

Ask Sheriff Knezovich and Police Chief Meidl to disinvite this merchant of death: