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The Quality of Your Idea with Matt Hastings, CEO of AlphaBrook
Episode 31st December 2020 • The NoVA Business Podcast • Jessica Du Bois & Derek Winn
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Matt Hastings is the CEO and Founder at AlphaBrook, a data intelligence firm for government contractors. Matt founded AlphaBrook in 2011 to provide a new kind of market intelligence sourced solely from government decision-makers to help companies improve bid decisions and win more contracts within the public sector.

AlphaBrook works with thousands of federal contracting executives via their VoG BD Intelligence (BDI) solution to provide difficult-to-find customer market intelligence. AlphaBrook’s BDI experts implement strategies to identify winning intel on upcoming RFPs and task orders, incumbency performance, executive and program pain points, source selection panel preferences, government program initiatives, price-to-win, teaming partners, expiring competitor contracts and rates, and much more.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Using mentorship to launch his career
  • The experience of interning in the Pentagon as a young adult
  • The formation of AlphaBrook
  • The reality of burn out and working through it
  • The impact of Amazon on the Northern Virginia region
  • Investing in the market and people
  • Advice for government contractors looking to take off and grow

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